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Conflict And The Struggle Within

If you are a Christian, attempting to follow Jesus with the help of His Holy Spirit, you should experience a certain measure of conflict in your life. This conflict is between Godís nature and your human nature. You see, as a Christian you have 2 natures within you, your sinful nature and the nature of God, resulting in conflict. (Did you really think that becoming a Christian was all about peace, joy and happiness?)

You may be a Christian, but you still live in a fallen world, and you are still a fallen person. By fallen person I mean, you still have your old human nature that fights against the nature of God.

It should be our desire to become more like Jesus. If so, then the Holy Spirit will work in our lives to help us overcome our human nature. He will take a couple of areas of our human nature at a time and work with us. He wonít try to do change our whole life all at once. So this is not an overwhelming process. So there is a measure of conflict in our lives between Godís nature and our nature.

If you donít experience this conflict then it is clear that you have no desire to be like Jesus, and you are not allowing Godís Spirit to help you overcome the fallen nature. You are too busy living for yourself, not paying attention to the role of the Holy Spirit in your life.

So when our fallen nature responds to a situation in a negative way, (it may simply be a bad thought), the Holy Spirit will speak to our hearts and remind us that there is a better way to respond. This is the point of conflict - Godís way versus our way. It is our choice to give into our human nature or receive help from the Holy Spirit. He will give us the ability at that moment to ignore our human nature. Once we submit to Jesus in such matters a few times, we will overcome the flesh in that particular area of our lives. Then the Holy Spirit will move on to the next challenge. Thus we move from conflict to conflict, or from glory to glory Ė whatever way you choose to view the process.

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