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 Are People Only One Part Of The Church?


The following is a paraphrase of a conversation I was just told about.  A lady visited the church office, just 2 doors down from where her mother lived.  Her mother, now 80 years old, has  been attending this church for the last 40 years.  Four months ago the mother's husband died.  Her daughter was concerned that the pastor had not dropped over to see her mother since the funeral of her dad, especially in light of the fact that the church building was about 50 yards away from her mother's front door.

The church secretary told the daughter that the pastor "was very busy with church things".  Well I need to ask, "what is church things"? 

My guess is that "church things" mean, building plans for the new building and church programs.  The pastor probably had lots of meeting to attend.  

My next question is thus, "where do people fit into church things"?  I know the answer, and I bet you that you know the answer too.  The church does not consist of buildings, programs, and people.  People are not part of the church.  People are the church.  Programs and buildings should only exist to support the people.  

Why this pastor was too busy with church things, having no time for church people is beyond me.  It leaves me with this final question, "why are things so in our modern church, when we know better"?

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