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Church Expenses

I donít go looking for the statistics Iím about to tell you, they just seem to cross my path. In the last week and a half Iíve heard of the following church organization expenditures.

One church in our small city of 37,000 people is going to spend $426,000.00 on repairing their steeple. Another church group has decided to spend $10,000.00 on electric drums and about $50,000.00 on a new sound system. This same group just bought some more land to extend and pave their parking lot Ė thousands of dollars there. Theyíve also decided to build an addition to their building in order to reduce their two Sunday meetings back to one. Then yet another church organization is going to spend $50,000.00 on a new heating and cooling system. And now Iíve just noticed the church down the street redoing their roof in a major way Ė lots more money spent there.

The worst thing Iíve heard of late is that one church in another city spent thousands of dollars on a huge neon sign, even though their building was located well into the country. It seems they had money they werenít sure what to do with, so they came up with this idea.

Iím just wondering. This is a lot of money to spend on building improvements. The problem is that I know there are poor people in these congregations that live from week to week. I canít help but think of the cost to run our churches these days. It seems to me that things are really getting out of hand. All the money we spend to maintain our buildings and organizational structure could be better spent. Are we being good stewards of our money? Are we being good stewards of our Lord's money?  

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