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The Commercialization Of Water

This morning I listened to a report on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) concerning the general meeting of the United Church of Canada presently being held in Northern Ontario. One of the main topics of discussion in these meetings is the commercialization of water. The church is considering passing a resolution against the bottling and sale of water. They say that water is a basic commodity of life and should not be bottled and sold for a prophet.

It is hard for me to get my head around the idea that an organization that claims to be part of the church, (actually they claim to be a church) would spend the effort and time to discuss such a matter. I would think that there’d be more important things a church group could spend their time on. It reminds me of last years topic of discussion by the same group. They discussed the idea of unionizing their pastors.

Ironically, the water that the church leaders are drinking in these meetings is supplied by a local water bottling plant. For some reason the water in the facility where they are meeting is not capable of supplying proper water for the group.

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