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What's A Bond Servant?

You can't read too much of Paul's writing without seeing that he calls Himself a servant of God.  The Greek word "doulos" is the word that is translated as servant.  This word simply means "a servant by choice", or "a bond servant".  Paul chose to be a servant of God.

In my thinking the true mark of a mature Christian is his ability to serve joyfully.  I mean, not just to serve, but as I said, to serve joyfully.  These are two different things.  When we serve Jesus by serving others, do we serve with our teeth clinched together, muttering under our breath, or do we serve with a smile?

Once again, the mark of a mature Christian is his ability to serve others.  I did not say, please others.  I said, serve others.  These too are two different concepts.  

Just because someone is popular and can preach a great sermon, doesn't mean he is a mature Christian.  Just because someone is well known, and even has a healing ministry, does not mean he is a mature Christian.  Just because someone has written many books and appears to know a lot, does not mean he is a mature Christian.  None of these things makes anyone mature in the Lord.  

Jesus Himself said that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.    In Mar. 9:35 He says , "and he sat down, and called the twelve, and said unto them, If any man desire to be first, [the same] shall be last of all, and servant of all". (KJV)  Jesus says it pretty clearly.  If you want to end up first then take the road of a servant now.  Even though Jesus said that the last shall be first, that does not necessarily mean the last shall be first in this life time.  Experience tells me that this is not always the case.  Don't expect a great reward when you take the path of a servant.  If you do expect a great reward here on earth, then you are probably not on the path of a servant.  You may get a reward here, or you may not,  but if you don't, it is guaranteed for you in the next life. 

Still the fact remains.  If you want to be a mature Christian, then learn to serve.  Learn to be a bond servant.  If you want a good example of a bond servant then look at Paul's life.   Most of us never get close to this ideal.  We think we are mature Christians but in all reality we are normal, maybe even sub-normal Christians.  Most of us look out for ourselves first, and then if we have the time and ability we may think about someone else.     

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