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I Can Do All Things   

"I can do everything through Him who gives me the strength". (Phil. 4:13)  Here is another verse that is so often misunderstood.  I hear many people using the verse this way;  I can sing. I can preach.  I can teach Sunday School.  I can do anything I put my mind to. 

Is this what Paul is really saying hear?   No!  Look at the context.  The verses before talk about Paul being very needy at times, then at other times he had more than enough.  He said that it did not matter whether he was in need or if he had plenty because he had learned to be content.   Paul is speaking of his quality of life here on earth.  He is speaking about being poor at times, and being rich at other times. It did not really matter to him because he was content.  Why was he content?  Because the Lord helped him in all of life's circumstances.  He could do all things through Him that gave him the strength.

Paul  was not really saying that we could be great singers when the Lord hadn't given us that talent.  He was not saying that we could be great teachers when we did not have that talent either.  We can do the things in which He has given us the ability to do.  We can also be content in whatever state we find ourselves in because Jesus will give us the strength.  This is the meaning of Phil. 4:13       


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