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 Weeping Over Babylon


The two most mentioned cities in the Bible are Jerusalem and Babylon.  Jerusalem has emerged out of its 70 A. D. destruction as a world class city with prophetic significance.  Some scholars suggest that Babylon will also be a world class city.  Others suggest that it will re-emerge as a world-wide empire, not a city.  However you view these things, both cities have spiritual significance in Biblical terms.  Jerusalem is symbolic of God’s righteous domain, while Babylon is symbolic of satan’s unrighteous domain.  There’s not much debate over that.  


As I see it, the book of Revelation pictures Babylon re-emerging as a geo-political empire at the end of this age.  It finds its ultimate source in satan, and as seen in Revelation 18, its collapse is sudden.   


If you read Revelation 18 you’ll note that there are three groups of people who weep bitterly over the fall of Babylon.  In verse 9 the kings of the earth weep.  In verse 11 the merchants of the world weep.  In verse 17 the captains of sea-going ships weep.  All three groups stand at a distance to watch their beloved empire crumble to the ground in a matter of minutes.


I think these three groups tell us something about the formation of this last world empire. The kings represent the political aspect to this empire, while the merchants and sailors represent its economic interests.  I see the formation of this empire stemming from international political and economic instability, something we see much of in the world today.  Political unrest presents the  need for a uniform political system.  Financial instability presents the need for a uniform financial system.  You can see this in Revelation, and it can also be seen in the minds of many today.  


I don’t believe I’m reading too much into the Revelation 18 passage when I say that the formation of this last great empire might well be upon us now.  Actually, I believe its infra-structure is now being laid. 


Recent events have brought world leaders together in an unprecedented way.  Even leaders with opposing political and economic world views are joining together in an attempt to solve both the political and economic problems of our day.  The pursuit of unity, tolerance, peace  and stability is the hallmark of this new Babylon.  Ultimately this hyper-socialism which is disguised as a kind and gentle approach to humanity’s problems ends in abusive dictatorship with the loss of all individual freedom.


 Francis Schaeffer, in his 1976 book entitled “How Shall We Then Live” warned us that the humanistic world view that many were adopting would lead us to a dictatorial socialism that we now see rising on an international level.  To me, it is staggering to see the United States , “the land of the brave and the free”, a bastion of individual rights, resort to a socialism in recent months that is not typical for America.  If the United States can fall to such socialism, the rest of the world has no chance of surviving socialistic dictatorship.   


The financial crisis of late has hastened the pace towards a one world financial system. Political unrest in the middle east and elsewhere is doing the same in the political realm.  The multi-faceted, multi-national nature of world problems today can only be solved with a unified multi-national solution.  This solution will be found in the last great world empire called Babylon, or as we call it today, “the new world order.” 


This end-time Babylon is spoken of throughout the Old and New Testament.  It will have tremendous power and authority, but it will not last.  The Lord Jesus Christ Himself will bring it down with a simple word from His lips. Now that these events are happening before our eyes, we should “watch and pray” as Jesus commanded us to do.  Watching and praying means that we prayerfully take note of these world events and understand their prophetic significance.  This is not “doom and gloom”, because these horrific events end in the redemption of those who have given their lives to Jesus. We live in days of prophetic fulfillment which end in our redemption. Yet before that final day comes, we need to take our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ very seriously.  We certainly don’t want to be found among those who weep over the fall of Babylon.  


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