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Our God Silences Talk Radio


I rarely listen to talk radio or talk TV shows.  They are way too outrageous and obnoxious for me.  There are certain so-called news and information shows I dont watch either because they are more commentary than news.  People yell and scream at each other on these programs and then they wonder why their position is rejected.  All this nonsense will come to an end some day.  Can you imagine a world without talk radio and talk TV?


Im sure weve all stood for a moment of silence on special days honouring our fallen soldiers.  Weve stood for a moment of silence on those occasions when our loved-ones have passed away.  So we know what it means to stand in reverent silence.


Theres a day coming when there will be a moment of silence that has never been experienced by anyone  in human history.  It wont matter where you live, all of mankind will experience this silence in one moment of time.  All creation might well experience this moment of silence as well.  Birds might well stop chirping, dogs stop barking, and winds stop blowing.


Zechariah 2:13 says, be still before the Lord, all mankind, because He has roused Himself from His holy dwelling.  This stillness occurs at the end of time on earth as we know it.  The apostle Paul speaks of a day when every human will fall on their knees before the Lord Jesus and confess that He is Lord of all there is (Philippians 2:10 - 11).  It might well be that after we fall to our knees, and before we confess with our lips, we will experience this reverent silence.  Every individual on this planet, those alive, and those who will rise from their graves, will be speechless before the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Humiliation and insignificance will grip our hearts as weve never known it.  It will leave us speechless as we lie prostrate upon the ground before an all-powerful God.  Well be so overcome with His presence that our minds will be unable to produce a thought that our lips can speak.


Can you even begin to imagine that day?  I dont think so.  Even the talk radio and talk TV hosts will finally meet their match.  For once in their lives they will be at a complete loss for words.


On that day, some people will fall in reverent fear and thankfulness for Gods grace, while others will fall before God in devastating fear because they failed to accept His grace. I know Ill be speechless, and maybe the first words Ill speak after this silence and after confessing His Lordship  is thank you, thank you, thank you Lord Jesus.

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