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Making Peace With The Enemy


If you read Nehemiah 6 you'll see one of  many ways God's enemies attempt to discourage God's people from doing His work.  Satan knows that if he can defeat God's people, God's work on earth will be hindered.    


The Jews in Nehemiah's day put great effort into repairing the wall around Jerusalem.  They gave up their livelihood during this project.  They endured sleepless nights, hungry days, along with much physical and emotional stress.  On top of this, satan used Israel's enemies to harass them at every step along the way.      


Israel's enemies sent Nehemiah an invitation to meet with them.  It's my opinion that this invitation was meant to appear to be an invitation to make peace.  Nehemiah saw through this invitation.  He realized that he'd be ambushed and subsequently killed at this meeting.  Peace was the furthest thing from Nehemiah's enemies' minds.       


Nehemiah responded by saying that God's work was way too important to leave.  He understood God's work was more important than negotiating a peace treaty, especially if he was to be killed in the process. The fact of the matter is God negotiates with no one.  He simply states His point of view and leaves it up to us to either embrace His point of view or reject it.  There's no middle ground of compromise and negotiation with God.  


In today's world the idea of negotiating peace is prevalent in all areas of life, and there is a place for such negotiations.  Yet, when it comes to the things of God, and when it comes to God's people doing His work, we don't negotiate with anyone, especially those who oppose us.  We simply state the truth of Scripture as we know it to be and accept the consequences. 


It seems to me that many Christians today are falling for the trick that Nehemiah's enemies tried to pull.  In many circles Christians are negotiating a truce with those who have traditionally opposed God's work.  The liberalization of Christianity is this negotiated truce. 


It is important to know that when you mix Biblical truth with the prevailing philosophies of the world for the sake of peace and unity, you lose the truth.  It's not really a negotiated peace.  It's actually a switching of sides.  Paul clearly states that such alliances with non-Biblical philosophies should never take place (2 Corinthians 6:14).  Again, there's no middle ground of compromise and negotiation in respect to Biblical truth.  It's our Lord's way or satan's way.  And let me add, this doesn't only apply to the Christian community.  It also applies toIsrael, even though she is still far from living in the truth of her God.  Neither the Christian community or Jewish community should compromise God's truth or His work for the sake of peace and unity.  There's no middle ground.  I know this is not politically correct, but it is Biblically correct.  As time goes on, and if you are doing God's work, expect to suffer the same stress that Israel suffered in Nehemiah's day. 


Nehemiah would have died if he had accepted the invitation to peace from God's enemies.  In like manner, our faith and God's work through us will die if we accept the peace being offer to us today.   


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