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Magnificent Defeat


One of the main story lines found in the Bible, which is also the story of human history, is the conflict between humanity and Deity.  Wes King sings about this conflict in his 1990's CD, "A Room Full Of Stories". The song is entitled "Magnificent Defeat".  Normally you wouldn't think of a defeat as being magnificent unless you're the one doing the defeating.  In this case Wes King was not the victor, but the one defeated.  He views his defeat as being magnificent.   


Wes' song portrays his life-long wrestling match between self and Jesus.  Rest from this struggle could not be found until Jesus broke his will.  He expresses this by singing, "here I lie broken at your feet, rejoicing, rejoicing, at this magnificent defeat."


What a place to find oneself, broken and defeated at the feet of Jesus.  The fight is over.  The human will surrenders in defeat.  A magnificent defeat it is, but is the battle really over?  Not really.  The struggle goes on after your initial surrender.  Every morning "self" rises to prominence and challenges this surrender.  You might say that "selfishness is the mother of all sins."  Self, with the influence of satan, is the reason why every battle in human history has been fought.  


We have so often preached, "come to Jesus and live happily ever-after", but before the "ever-after" actually gets here, there's a battle to be fought within us.  Many of us Christians don't experience this battle.  Is it because we've  reached a place of total surrender to Jesus and so there's no fight to be fought?   I don't think so.  I think we're just not close enough to Jesus to experience the conflict.  Our troops in Afghanistan are experiencing the battle because they're right there.  We know there's a battle over there, but we're too far removed to experience it.  Some of us are too far removed from Jesus to experience any conflict with Him.     


If you pursue a relationship with Jesus, you'll soon find out that His will conflicts with yours.  At this point the battle between self and Jesus occurs.  If Jesus is victorious, the defeat is magnificent, and the battle moves on to the next point of conflict.  It's a daily struggle, and hopefully a daily victory.    


Steven Curtis Chapman's song entitled "Hold On To Jesus" from his "Signs Of Life" CD is also about this struggle.  Chapman sings, "I will hold on to the hand of my Saviour, and I will hold on with all my might. I will hold loosely to things that are fleeting, and hold on to Jesus for life."   I always picture Chapman squeezing the hand of Jesus as tightly as he can as he fights the battle.  We should do the same.  As we draw closer to Jesus we will find ourselves in a measure of conflict with Him.  Hopefully we'll also experience this magnificent defeat and the overwhelming peace that comes from our daily surrender.     




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