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The Liberalization Of Evangelicals


I call myself an evangelical, but Iíd rather be known as one who has given his life to our Lord Jesus Christ.  I appreciate my evangelical roots for the importance weíve placed on the Bible as Godís message to mankind.  Weíve always viewed the canonized scriptures as being God inspired and infallible, but thatís in the process of change.  The Bible no longer seems as important to us as it once was.  So Iíve been warning people for a while in my corner of the world that if we donít take the Bible more seriously, weíll see the end of evangelicalism as we presently know it.       


There  have been some disturbing trends in the evangelical church lately thatís reshaping our evangelical world.  Iíve heard that 57% of American evangelicals no longer believe that Jesus is the only way to God.  This is a departure from traditional evangelical thinking. Worse still, itís a major departure from Biblical thinking.  If Jesus is only one of many ways to being united with God, then weíve got a problem with Jesus and the Bible.  Whoís right?  Are the 57% of American evangelicalís right, or is Jesus right?  If Jesus is wrong on this key point, thereís no logic in following anything else He taught.      


This leads me to another disturbing trend Iím seeing in evangelical circles.  One reason why 57% of American evangelicals donít believe Jesus is the only way to God is because many of these people donít believe He was God in human flesh while He was on earth.  Some evangelical emerging church leaders go as far to say that if Jesus wasnít God in human flesh, it would make no difference to Christianity or to the message of the gospel.  How wrong can one be?  Jesus being God in human flesh is central to Biblical thinking.  If Jesus wasnít divine while He was on earth, then He was just another man espousing his personal brand of religion.  Disregard for the details of the Bible have brought these new evangelicals to this heretical conclusion.  Personally, I canít really call them evangelicals, and I question their faith in Jesus.    


To devalue Jesus to a mere man is to undermine the core values of Christianity. It takes away our most fundamental truth.  Without the Deity of Christ, weíre no different from any other religion. If Jesus was not God in human flesh while on earth, then the resurrection, the ascension, and who Jesus  presently is, are all in doubt.  If these issues are in doubt, the Bible is in doubt and Christianity is one very questionable religion at best.  Thereís no use even calling yourself a Christian at that point because youíve forsaken the Christ of Christianity.  This is exactly what some so-called evangelicals have now done.         


From my vantage point, the evangelical church is now undergoing a liberalization that the mainline churches went through decades ago.  This is due to the fact that we no longer esteem the Bible as we should.  We once criticized the mainline church for its departure from Biblical thinking, but now in many respects weíre joining their ranks.  In the process we are losing our faith and our personal relationship with Jesus, which for evangelicals was the cornerstone of the movement.  I believe the Word of the Lord for evangelicals  today is for us to repent of this sin and return to our Lord Jesus as He is seen in the Bible.        

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