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I Donít Know God That Well


I donít claim to know God.  His ways of  thinking and doing things are foreign to me.  My earthy existence seems to be in direct contradiction to the little I know about Him.  What I do know about God might be compared to a molecule of water which is dropped into the Pacific Ocean which represents all there is to know about God.   


I do know that God is a spirit (John 4:24).  Can I understand the spiritual world He lives in?  Well, maybe a bit, but thatís only because the Holy Spirit helps me.  On my own, and even with the aid of the Holy Spirit, my understanding of spiritual things is severely limited.  Thereís a major disconnect between earthly man and a spiritual God. 


Iím not the only one with such a minuscule knowledge of God.  I hate to suggest this to you, but youíre in the same boat as me.  I know most of us Christians donít want to admit it, but we just donít know and understand God as much as we claim we do.  


There is one person that I do have some kind of understanding of and association with, and Heís our Lord Jesus Christ.  Iíll never forget what my grade eleven physics teacher Glenn Shaver told us decades ago.  He said that if we as human beings wanted to communicate with an ant, the best way to do that would be for us to become an ant.  Thatís what God did for us.  No, God didnít become an ant.  He became a human being.  He was born into humanity as Jesus of Nazareth who God appointed as both Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36).  God becoming a man would bridge the disconnect between man and God.  Jesus is definitely someone I can begin to relate to. 


Jesus told us that if we see Him, we see God the Father, because He is the ďexact representation of who God isĒ. (John 14:9, Hebrews 1:3)   I like that.  I canít know God all that well, but I can know Jesus, and what I know of Jesus is sufficient for me to know about God.   


For this reason, Christians should speak more about Jesus than we do.  I wonít bother you with my personal statistics Iíve gathered over the years, but Christians speak more about God than Jesus, even though God has given Jesus authority over all things until the time comes when Jesus hands all things back to His Father (1 Corinthians 15:24).   Believe me, I may not always be right, but Iím right on this one.  Just listen.  Listen and hear how many times Jesus is mentioned in comparison to God in Christian circles, and Iím not just talking about so-called liberal Christian circles.  If God Himself has placed Jesus on the throne of all things, we should speak of Him more than we do.  Not that itís wrong talking about God, but weíre Christians Ė thatís  ďChristĒ with the suffix ďianĒ.  Weíre not ďGodiansĒ, although I guess we could be.   


You and I canít really know God to any large degree, at least not while weíre so confined to this present earthiness.  Maybe someday weíll know Him better, but until then we can know Jesus, especially through His Spirit.  It is Jesus who we really represent to the world.  As Jesus represented His Father to the world, so we represent Jesus to the world (John 20:21).  Therefore, in these last days, letís speak about Jesus so others will be directed to a Jesus that is knowable.


Making sure the world knows we represent the Lord Jesus Christ is critical.  It is Jesus that distinguishes us from the multitude of other religions. Without this distinction we are no different than these other religions, and we'll soon join the ranks of the new world order's generic ecumenicalism that is sweeping the world.  We need to tell the world who we serve and represent.  Yes we serve God, but to be specific and clear, we serve the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Heís not the same God that other religions claim to serve.  I know thatís religiously and socially incorrect these days.  I also know weíll be criticized for majoring on Jesus instead of a generic multicultural god, but this is what we are called to.   


When I speak this way, I donít want to under-estimate the power of the Holy Spirit and the importance of our heavenly Father.  The Holy Spirit certainly opens our eyes to the spiritual realm for us, yet even with His influence in our lives, God our Father is beyond being totally understood.  Jesus on the other hand can be understood because He became like you and I.  Thatís one reason why He appeared on earth in the first place.  Jesus should then be central to our message, our conversation, and our lives.  Letís be real ďJesus PeopleĒ and include Him and His name in our conversation.  Let's make it clear to the world who we represent.  Let's stand firm when our convictions concerning our Lord Jesus Christ are challenged, and they will be challenged.  You can count on that.   There is no other name under heaven whereby men and women can find salvation (Acts 4:12).  That's one conviction that is now being challenged today.  So I think Acts 4:12 makes it clear how important Jesus is and His name is, wouldn't you agree?

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