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Terrified By Wrath 


The following is an excerpt from my book entitled "Terrified By Wrath," subtitled, "end of the age prophecy as seen in Psalm 2."  


The political leaders of the nations meet together (Psalm 2:2) in an exclusive, high-priced mountain-top retreat hidden away in the French Alps.  After an extremely long and frustratingly difficult day of deliberating their fight against God that they believe they can win, they spend a relaxing evening cracking off-colored jokes around hot tubs and a swimming pool.  While sipping away on their fine wine and gulping down their exotic cocktails, they fixate their lust-filled eyes upon voluptuous short-skirted waitresses returning to the bar to refill their glasses.  Little do these politicians realize that while they are laughing away in feverish frivolity, the God enthroned in heaven is laughing hysterically at their arrogant stupidity, all the while ridiculing them before the angelic host (Psalm 2:4).  If there was ever a time when God would fall to the floor, so to speak, in hysteric laughter, this would be that time.   


The next day it's decided.  The war with God begins (Psalm 2:3).  Immediately, CNN has breaking news flashing across everyone's HD 12k televisions screens.  It's seen on all of their high tech devices.  Social media is ablaze with fear and trembling from all corners of the human community (Psalm 2:5).  The stock market report is abruptly interrupted.  All trading is halted.  All financial accounts are suspended.  In real time the world is in shock as its population sees the American president falling to his knees.  In a moment of embarrassing weakness, he is forced to finally confess that there is an authority higher than him, and it is King Jesus.    


Before the president can rise to his feet, Fox News announces breaking news from Iran.  The Supreme Ayatollah is slammed face first to the floor.  In a foggy daze, he attempts to focus his eyes upward.  Expecting to see Allah or the Twelfth Imam coming to his defense, he sees the King of the Jews preparing to rule his beloved theocracy.  Terror, frustration, and anger accompanies his admission that Jesus Christ really is Lord.  How could he have been so horribly wrong? 


After the Russian president utters all kinds of unrepeatable obscenities, his newly-purchased limo crashes into a tree.  He too makes his uncomfortable confession.  He is not the ultimate authority as he perceived himself to be.  The North Korean dictator reaches for his cell phone.  He is bent on placing the call to strike.  His phone is dead.  His nuclear missiles are immobilized.  He points his pistol to his head, makes his confession, and drops to the floor in deadly defeat.  China is in economic chaos.  As its president stutters his confession, a massive heart attack steals his life.  It's all over.  The nations lose the war before it begins, a war in all ridiculous arrogance they were convinced they could win (Psalm 2:8 - 9).         


There's breaking news all over the planet.  Leaders of all political stripes, nationalities, colours, and religious affiliation, fall to their knees in confused astonishment.  News networks around the world can't keep up with what's happening, and then it happens.  All television screens go wacky.  Reporters and cameramen trip over each other as their microphones, video cameras, and ear buds fly in all directions.  Earthquakes and tsunamis kill millions (Revelation 16:18).  Heart-wrenching screams are heard from every corner of the planet as people's hearts fail them for fear of all that is transpiring  (Luke 21:26).  People try to hide, but there's no place to hide (Revelation 6:15).  All of creation is immobilized as King Jesus lights up the sky with something like brilliant flashes of electromagnetic energy that plunges the world into a dreaded darkness (Matthew 24:27).          


Human history as we have known it comes to an excruciatingly scary end.  God will give His Son the nations as an inheritance, and the ends of the earth for His possession (Psalm 2:8).  All nations will fall to the ownership and rule of the Lord Jesus Christ who will rule with an iron scepter (Psalm 2:9) from Jerusalem (Luke 1:32).  There are no nation-wide television debates, no diplomatic haggling, no backroom deals, or no saying one thing and doing another.  It's zero tolerance.  What Jesus says goes.  If any nation rebels, it will experience the immediate consequences (Zechariah 14:17 - 18).  Jesus will rule the nations for a prolonged period of time until the last great battle ends with the White Throne Judgment, the Lake of Fire, and then, a brand new heaven and earth.   


Through it all, the saints are heard crying out to their Lord and their God, "Come Lord Jesus, come."


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