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Most Amazing


As we read the Old Testament, we note that in one sense of the word God views the Jews as His wife.  You might say, then, that when God promised Abram and his descendents in what we call the Abrahamic Covenant that the Jews would belong to Him, that could be considered a proposal of marriage (Genesis 15).  You might also say, then, that when God and the Jews entered into what we call the Mosaic Covenant, that could be considered a mutual agreement to the marriage vows.  Despite the Jews verbalizing agreement to the vows (Exodus 19:8) they broke them by committing spiritual adultery when they gave themselves to other gods.


If you read Hosea, chapter 2, you will see that God decreed to divorce the Jews because of their adultery.  If you read Hosea, chapter 14, you will note that God promised to remarry the Jews.  That is interesting since remarriage to an unfaithful wife who had married another man was not permitted in the Mosaic Covenant (Deuteronomy 24:1- 4).  Also, Leviticus 20:10 states that when a husband or a wife commits adultery he or she should be sentenced to death.  On both counts, God set those vows aside when it came to remarrying the Jews. 


When we turn to New Testament times, the most amazing thing happens.  God, born into humanity as the Lord Jesus Christ, actually submitted Himself to the death penalty decreed in the Mosaic Covenant.  Instead of His unfaithful wife being put to death, He was executed in her place.  If that was not enough, He has chosen to not only remarry Jews but also the Gentiles.  God has not only opened His arms of marriage to His wayward wife but also to her adulterous lover.  I call that most amazing.  Now in present time, we wait for the day when the Marriage Feast of the Lamb will celebrate this divinely orchestrated, most amazing marriage (Revelation 19:7 - 10).          


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