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Mature Faith


Over the decades I have heard Christians say they need more faith as if faith was a commodity they can get more of.  I've been told that if I could only get enough faith my legally blind eyes would have been healed years ago.  This kind of talk tells me that many of us do not understand how the Bible defines faith in Jesus.


 In Biblical terms, faith is trust because that is the meaning of the Greek word "pistis" that is translated into our English New Testament as faith, believe, and trust.  That being so, do we need to knock our heads against the proverbial wall trying hard to get more trust? 


Thinking that faith is a commodity we can get more of is promoted by the heretical hyper-faith teaching that states that if we have sufficient faith, anything and everything is possible.  It's a mind game that differs little from the New Age Movement's thinking concerning our human abilities.  This approach to faith began to take root in Christian circles in the late 1800's due to the spread of metaphysical theory.  It's sad that Christians are influenced by this unbiblical meaning of faith.     


If faith is trust, then, aggressively knocking on the gates of heaven for more trust seems illogical to me.  Do I need more trust or do I need to trust more?  Is trust an aggressive action or a passive action?  When I relax in my favourite arm-chair am I aggressively trusting that it won't cave in on me or am I resting in its reliability.  If faith is trust, how can I trust more?    


1 Peter 1:7 states that our faith, our trust in Jesus matures and is proven genuine when it is tested through trials.  Enduring hardship, then, is the means whereby trust in Jesus matures.  If we pass a test of trust, the result is that we trust Jesus more after the test than we did before the test.  Beyond that, Romans 12:3 tells us that Jesus gives us faith.  I understand that to mean He provides the ability to help us trust Him. 


If someone tells me that if I can somehow muster up more faith I will be healed of my blindness, I reject that outright.  I trust my life with Jesus despite all of life's tough tests I encounter daily due to my legally blind eyes.  I've passed countless tests of faith in my life.  The fact that I still trust Jesus after all these years of tests speaks to me having mature faith.


If you want more faith, think of faith as trust because that is how the Bible defines faith.  Read Hebrews 3 and 4 and you will note that faith is associated with the passive action of rest.  Faith is a restful assurance that you can rely on Jesus no matter the circumstances.  So, if you think you need more faith, that will take you through many testing trials of trust.  Pass the test, with the help of Jesus, and your faith in Him will mature.    


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