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Both Lord And Christ   


Acts 2:36 is one of my favourite Bible verses.


"Therefore let all Israel be assured of this: God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Messiah [Christ]."


The very first Christian sermon ever preached was premised on the fact that Jesus is both Lord and Christ.  I maintain that Jesus could not be our Saviour, the Christ, unless He was first the Lord, God in a human form.  This Biblical fact forms the foundation of the gospel we are to preach, but is it what we're preaching?   


I observe that our Evangelical gospel over the last few decades has majored on Jesus being the Christ, our Saviour.  We preach come to Jesus and get saved, get forgiven, get heaven, get healed, get prosperous, get peace, get joy, and so on.  If this "gospel to get" is the extent of the gospel you preach, you preach half of the gospel. 

Yes, Jesus is the Christ, who has and does, save us by giving Himself to us.  I do not debate that fact, but, Jesus is also our Lord, God Almighty.  As Lord, we are to give ourselves to Him, and as we do, as Christ, He saves us.  That is the other half of the gospel.    


I was raised in the Methodist tradition that is rooted in the doctrine of Entire Sanctification, which in part, teaches that we receive Christ into our lives as Saviour, after which we make Him our Lord.  Such a two stage salvation is not what Peter preached on the Day of Pentecost.  Of course, Methodists aren't the only ones who preach some form of a two stage conversion.         


This gospel to get has produced a multitude of selfish Christians, if in fact they are Christians.  It's basic to the heretical Prosperity Gospel that has created a class of Christians who believe in a hyper-faithism whereby they claim that they deserve the best that life has to offer.  At that point, the Christian life is all about us, and where is the Lordship of Jesus in that? 


Jesus is not just the Christ who offers Himself to us.  He is the Lord, the supreme universal authority over all things material and all things spiritual, to whom we are to offer ourselves.  It's an exchange of lives.  As Christ, Jesus gives Himself to us.  As Lord, we give ourselves to Him, resulting in our salvation.       


Peter said that Jesus is both Lord and Christ.  You cannot, nor must not, separate Him being Lord from Him being the Christ, and if you do, you preach another gospel.  You might then ask yourself, does such another gospel actually save anyone?  I suggest you read what Paul wrote about another gospel in Galatians 1:8.  He vehemently opposed it.


It's my contention that what we call church in the western world needs to embrace the gospel that Jesus is both Lord and Christ just as much as sinners need to embrace it.           


This is my confession.  I am a Christian because Jesus has provided me the awareness that He is the ultimate universal authoritative Lord.  That being the fact, with His assistance, I have no other logical decision but to offer myself to His Lordship.  He then as Christ, offers Himself to me whereby I am saved.  Is that your confession?          


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