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Needing A Foundational Fix     


I was recently asked what I thought needed to change in our western world church, or as I say it, in that which we commonly call church.  I use the phrase "commonly call church" because I doubt that what we often call church is how Jesus defines church.    


To be clear, I am thinking in general terms.  I do realize that Jesus always has His remnant of true Christians and a true church.  I get that, but, far too often we think that we are that remnant when in fact we might not be.  It's always the other guy who is in the wrong, never us.  In answer to the question at hand, I believe that there are two fundamentals needing a foundational fix, a return to Biblical standards in our theology and practice.  They are, the Biblical meaning of being a Christian and the Biblical meaning of church.  Both, in my opinion, have been lost in much of what we call church.  If I am correct on this point, then, those who call themselves Christian may not be Christian, and, that which is called church, may not be church.  That would be a serious matter needing a foundational fix.     


A Christian is one who has repented of his or her sinfulness, believed in Jesus, and has received the Holy Spirit into his or her very being.  Biblical repentance is more than acknowledging and changing your mind about your sinfulness.  It's walking away from your sinfulness after changing your mind about it.  Biblical belief, or faith, is more than acknowledging the existence of Jesus and all of what that means.  It's a matter of handing your life over to the Lordship of Jesus so you can enter into a trusting relationship with Him.  The confirmation of being a Christian is more than adopting a Biblical life style.  It's receiving the Spirit of the Almighty Creator God into your very being whereby it is evident that you have become someone you have never been.  You are, in all reality, a brand new creation.


Church is more than an organization you join, a building you visit, a meeting you attend, or a charity you support.  Church is a community of genuine Christians whom Jesus has immersed into each others' lives in supportive and functional relationships.  These relationships form the foundation of a community that exists in a co-operative relationship with Jesus in effectively facilitating God's will.         


I realize that further explanation to what you have just read is required.  Only so much can be written in a short article.  If in fact what you have just read is Biblically correct, then its implications will be transformative, both in the life of the individual and in the life of the church. 


One thing is certain.  If we get the foundation of anything wrong, what we build on that false foundation will be wrong, and that, requires a foundational fix. 


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