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Cultural Hypocrisy     


In today's western-world culture where claims of being transgender and bisexual are now normalized, I'm here to announce that I've been transed.  I am bi, as in bi-natured, having two natures within one bodily form.


If someone born with a little watering hose dangling between that person's legs can rightly claim to be transgender, wanting no such hose, then I having such a hose, can logically claim to be transed into someone I don't appear to be.   


If a person who appears to be a female can have her claim of being a cat taken seriously, as I've recently heard, then my claim to have been transed into being bi-natured must be taken seriously.  Then there is Timmy, our cat who seems to think he is partly human.  His personal preference is to drink water from the bathtub tap instead of his water bowl.  As crazy as a human claiming to be a cat sounds, I do admit that my claim to be born a second time into a bi-natured human sounds crazy.  I concede to that.  


Jesus mentioned this second transformational birth when He said that we must be born of water and of Spirit if we are to enter the unseen spiritual Kingdom of God (John 3:1 - 5).  As one is born a human through an explosive release of water from within the mother, so one is born as a spiritual human through an explosive release of the Holy Spirit from within the heavenly Father.  That's me.  I was born a human while being baptized in my mother's water.  I was born a spiritual human while being baptized in my heavenly Father's Spirit.  


Today's cultural consensus says I am delusional, but might not a girl claiming to be a cat delusional?  Is Timmy our cat delusional?  Is a Darwinian style evolutionist delusional if he suggests that nature itself might be undergoing some kind of gender metamorphosis?   


The world of social psychology is beginning to suggest that what it calls my religious delusional tendencies stem from a mental illness that requires medical and institutionalized attention.  If this becomes standard thinking within psychological diagnostic analysis, as I believe it will, then those like me will be marginalized as mentally ill, in need of being medicated within the restraints of a psychiatric institution.  Such medicated institutionalization of sound minded, buckers of the system, is not new.  It can certainly happen again. 


I am sound of mind when I say that God Almighty, via His Spirit, lives within me, and that due to my second birth that has made me bi-natured, having both a human and the divine nature in one bodily form.  I am not the precise person I was declared to be when my mother gave birth to me.  I'm a new created being, as 2 Corinthians 5:17 declares me to be. 


"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, and see, the new has come! (Christian Standard Bible)"


There is yet another transformation waiting for me, as Paul penned in Romans 8:29.


"For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters."


Jesus became the first born of an entirely new category of beings.  Whatever form in which He now exists is the form in which I will exist.  As Jesus shed His humanity, so I will shed my humanity, including that little watering hose.  Until the day comes when I am singularly natured like Jesus, I am bi-natured, having two natures within one human form.  So, to avoid being hypocritical, those endorsing the current culture of tolerance have no logical choice but to tolerate me.  Is not tolerance about being inclusive?  If they can support a girl who claims to be a cat, they must support me who claims to be a bi-natured spiritual human.  Isn't that simple common sense, or is common sense a lost cultural commodity these days?     

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