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Seduced By A National Prostitute


Nahum 3:4, in the Christian Standard Bible portrays Nineveh, the capital city of the ancient empire of Assyria, as a seductive prostitute.


"Because of the continual  prostitution of the prostitute [Nineveh], the attractive mistress of sorcery, who treats nations and clans like merchandise by her prostitution and sorcery,"


The portrayal of Nineveh, and thus Assyria, as a seductive prostitute is historically accurate.  By lifting up its skirt of wealth and power, it seduced the nations.  So, what you are about to read may appear overly sexual and dramatic, but it is an accurate Biblical portrayal of Assyrian aggression as it conquers the nations.  


A young man walks down a street.  He glances down an alleyway and is suddenly captivated by a seductive young lady lifting up her miniskirt.  Immediately, the power of her seductive nakedness consumes him.  Without giving it a second thought, he is aroused and gives into his lust.  While lying in her bed in a state of erotic ecstasy, she pulls out a knife from beneath her pillow and stabs him in the stomach.  After pushing his lifeless, still aroused naked body to the floor, she steals his money and credit cards. Metaphorically speaking, this seductive prostitute was Assyria.  Can a similar national prostitute exist today? 


China, one of the world's wealthiest nations, and a longstanding enemy of the West, has been arousing western nations with its economic seduction for years.  It has lifted its economic skirt for all to see, and the West has been captivated.  Economically speaking, we have jumped into bed with China, and it's next to impossible to escape without committing economic suicide.  China is now capable of stabbing us in the economic stomach, all because of our immoral, hedonistic, lust of consumption.  


Russia, although struggling in recent years, has become the second largest oil producer in the world.  It feeds western Europe with forty percent of its oil and natural gas.  Now, in the midst of Russian aggression into Ukraine, western Europe is fearing the Russian knife severing the pipeline. 


One thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history, and that includes the history found in the prophecy of Nahum.  Sleeping with the enemy never ends nice.   


Assyria eventually fell to Babylon in 612 BC as an act of divine judgment on her prostitution.  God lifted Assyria's skirt, not to display its seductive nakedness, but to expose the blood dripping from between its national legs.  Nahum 3:1 and 5 in the CSB reads:


"Woe to the city of blood ... I will lift your skirts over your face and display your nakedness to nations ..."


Here's the historical lesson we have failed to learn from the prophetic Book of Nahum.  National prostitution is nothing new, but woe to the national prostitute that seduces, and woe to the lust-filled nations captivated by its seduction.  Both fall in an act of divine judgment.      

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