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Back To Normal?  


As government imposed Covid restrictions are being lifted, many are happy that life is getting back to normal, but is it?  What really is normal, anyway?  Has life ever been normal?  In 1995 my dad didn't think life was normal and neither did his dad in 1975.  Each generation tends to think that normality is on a constant downward slide, and that may have Biblical support.   


Ever since God plunged us into what I'd call a state of abnormality (Genesis 3), abnormality is our normality until the new normality of Revelation 21 becomes our reality.  We have no choice, then, but to accept our state of abnormality, deal with it, survive it, and learn the lessons from it.  That being said, we seldom learn these lessons.  Crosby , Stills, and Nash's 1982 hit song entitled "The Southern Cross" put it this way.  "We never failed to fail."  How true.   


During the first three hundred years of Christian history there were ten government-sponsored periods of persecution of Christians.  Those poor saints probably hoped that their lives would get back to normal.  It was during the beginning days of the first period of persecution that Peter wrote his first letter.  Maybe he wanted to get ahead of things by addressing issues that would teach the needed lessons to be learned during, instead of after, the abnormality.  If Peter could have talked with his fellow believers after the persecution ended, he might have asked them if they had learned any lessons.  Some of his questions might have gone something like this.


As God's chosen people, did His grace and peace comfort you in your time of sorrow (ch. 1:1-2)?


Did being born again into someone brand new help you successfully survive the tests of your faith (ch. 1:3 - 9)?


Were you able to provide reasons why you trusted your life with Jesus during your troubles (ch. 1:13 - 2:3)?


Were you strengthened by the mutually supportive relationships you have with those you are called alongside in God's family (ch. 2:4 - 10)?


Were you able to lovingly yield to your spouse, your master, and to the governing authorities during the days of stress, or were you arrogant, argumentative and divisive (ch. 2:13 - 3:7)?


Did you follow Jesus' lead, who like you, suffered injustice without complaining (ch 3:8 - 22)?


Were you clear-minded, self-controlled, hospitable, and loving, during the worst days of your life (ch.4:1 - 12)?


Can you say the trials were God's will (ch. 4:12 - 19)?


Did you have a functional relationship with your church elders that provided guidance in the midst of uncertainty  (ch. 5:1 - 11)?


Learning the needed lessons from any unexpected abnormality is important if we are to successfully survive the next unanticipated abnormality, and you can bet there will be another unexpected abnormality because abnormality is our normality.         


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