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Divided We Fall


I'm sure you recall what Jesus said as recorded in Luke 11:17. 


"Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them: 'Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall.'"


Jesus said two specific things concerning a divided nation.  He said it "will be ruined" and "it will fall."  These two verbs in the original Greek text suggest that the ruining of a divided nation is self-inflicted and its fall is a certain inevitability.  In other words, a divided nation is committing national suicide.


There is nothing super-spiritual about what Jesus said.  It's just common sense, and common sense is a fleeting character trait that has eluded humanity to some degree since the events we read about in Genesis 3.  There, after hearing God's command to obey or die, Adam chose to disobey and die.     


The first recorded hint of death is seen in Adam and Eve's divided marriage that was a result of their conflict over who was to be blamed for their fall from the immediate presence of God.  The next recorded death is seen in Adam and Eve's divided family that ended in Abel's physical death.  From then on, all forms of human relationships, to one degree or another, are infected with a divisiveness that if not resolved, will end in death, or as Jesus said, end in ruins. 


Divisiveness is foreign to God.  His very essence is what I call a "unified plurality" that exudes life.  Whether a friendship, a marriage, a family, a community, a nation, or any form of human relationships, a unified plurality births life while a divided plurality dies in ruins.  Understanding this, our western world is presently suffering from a pandemic of social, political, and religious divisiveness for which there is no pharmaceutical cure.          


I know that our western nations have survived divisiveness in the past.  America experienced a tragic civil war and it still exists.  All of this being said, if you claim to be a Christian, you are obligated to take Jesus' warning of national suicide seriously.  If our present divide does not ruin us, a future one will.  How, then, will your Christian life of faith survive a national suicide?  Will you fall along with your nation or will you be left standing firm in the Kingdom of God, which must be your primary allegiance?  If your loyalty to your nation supersedes your loyalty to God's kingdom, you might be found in the ruined rubble of your fallen nation.  You must, then, seek the Kingdom of God above all kingdoms (Matthew 6:33).  You cannot successfully serve two masters, two nations (Matthew 6:24).  A divided loyalty, a misplaced allegiance, will end in ruins.        

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