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Becoming Wise


We often associate wisdom with age.  That should, with the emphasis on the word "should," make me extremely wise.  Leaving the question of me being wise aside, equating wisdom with age is a fallacy.  Unless one has learned the lessons from life's experiences, he is not wise, no matter how old he is.  

The first instance of becoming wise as seen in the New Testament book of James is found in James 1:5.


"If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you."


It you understand this verse outside of its context, you might think that once you ask God for wisdom, next to immediately it will flutter its way down from heaven, landing head long into your life.  That's another fallacy.   


This verse is nestled into its contextual surroundings of enduring through the pain of the trials of life.  That puts becoming wise into its proper Biblical perspective.  If, then, we can endure the trials of life without running from them, God will work wisdom into our lives as we learn the needed lessons from these trials.   


Becoming wise by learning the lessons of life is common to all of humanity.  As Christians, though, we have another source of wisdom that others do not have.  Christians should, then, be wiser than others who do not have this godly source of wisdom at their disposal, but sorry to say, that is not always the case.   


All human beings struggle their way through the trials of life.  Some people try to escape the trials through alcohol, drugs, positive thinking, mysticism, or a multitude of other escape mechanisms.  As Christians, enduring trials with the assistance of Jesus will help us learn the needed lessons of life, which in turn will cause us to become wise. 


If by chance you are thinking about asking God for some extra wisdom, you might want to reconsider your request.  The road to wisdom passes through the potholes of life that might cause you to think that ignorance is really bliss after all.  So, if becoming wise is your goal, expect a few extra trials to come your way.    

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