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Thy Will Be Done


As a child and as a youth I was raised in the Methodist theological tradition that is rooted in the teaching of men like John Wesley and the revival movement known as the Great Awakening.  This movement spread across England in the seventeen hundreds and then across North America in the early eighteen hundreds.  Although I differ with a few Methodist theological emphases, there is one emphasis with which I am in full agreement.    


Over the decades Methodists have believed in the pre-eminence of God's will.  "Thy will be done" has been primary in their lives.  When those of my Free Methodist church family prayed for my healing of Juvenile Diabetes at the age of six, they ended their prayer with "Thy will be done."  Obviously God's will was done.  Jesus miraculously healed me of this deadly disease and I am alive to attest to that miracle.  Those praying for me were content with God's will, whatever that would be.          


I don't hear the words "Thy will be done" as I did in my youth.  The reality of those words seems to have been relegated to a long-forgotten past.  In many cases it's no longer about God's will but our will.  Present-day corporate ministry enterprises suggest that to be true.    


We have allowed the gospel of Christ to morph into what I call the "gospel to get," as in, get saved, get forgiven, get heaven, get healed, and get all we can get from Jesus.  The fact of the matter is that is not the entire gospel, as suggested by Jesus' two titles, Lord and Christ.     


Jesus' two titles help explain my point.  Christ implies that Jesus is Saviour.  Lord implies that He is God.  As Christ, Jesus offers all of who He is to us.  As Lord, we offer all of who we are to Him.  Salvation is a two way street, a mutual offering of our lives to Jesus and His life to us.  When we emphasize Jesus as Saviour but neglect that He is also Lord, our salvation becomes self-centered.  It's what we can get from Jesus and not what we can give to Him.              


The Methodists of old were correct when they preached "Thy will be done."  It was what Jesus agonized over in the Garden of Gethsemane .  It's our daily battle between flesh and God's Spirit (Galatians 5:17).  This fact remains.  Jesus is both Lord and Christ.  As Christ He gives Himself to us and as Lord we give ourselves to Him.  As we give ourselves to Him, our life is all about "Thy will be done."     


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