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Better Than A Presidential Pardon


I understand the battle the founding fathers of America fought among themselves in their attempt at balancing state and federal rights, and their attempt at balancing the separate branches of government.  What, as a Canadian I don't quite understand, is why outgoing presidents have the arbitrary authority to pardon the duly convicted.  Why should the president, as if he was king, override the judiciary?  Was not sovereign arbitrary rule something Americans were rejecting in 1776?  Laying aside our sin-infected humanistic attempts at government, there is a pardon that supersedes any presidential pardon.    


As a Christian, I am eternally grateful for the pardon God has bestowed upon me.  Unlike any presidential pardon, God's pardoning of me was more than a political pronouncement penned on a piece of paper.  Unlike any presidential pardon where no real price is paid by the president for the act of pardoning, God paid the ultimate price for my pardon. 


You might think that God being the sovereign universal Lord could have simply pronounced my pardon, as a president pronounces pardons, but He can't.  There are some things that are impossible for God to do, and this is one such thing.  All that God does stems from who He is, and in part, He is just.  He, therefore, cannot violate His essence of being just by merely pronouncing my innocence.  Justice demands that I, the convicted, be held accountable and duly penalized for my sin.  So here is what God did for me.    


Due to the fact that God is equally just and loving, He devised a way to simultaneously satisfy both of these inherent character qualities.  He provided my pardon through an act of love that did not violate His just nature.  He sacrificed Himself by becoming human, and then, by becoming accountable for my sin and duly penalized on my behalf.  The price incurred for my pardon was God's earthly existence. 


Upon my acceptance of this pardon, the rightful designation of me being a convicted sinner was deleted from the heavenly record.  My name was transferred into the Lamb's Book of Life where there is no designation of sinner associated with my name.  I have been acquitted, set free from the eternal consequences of my sinfulness.  The Supreme Universal Judge now declares me as being just as righteous and sinless as He Himself is righteous and sinless, despite the fact that I am far from righteous and sinless.  How can I not be eternally thankful?


All presidential pardons pale in significance when compared to this pardon provided to me by the Sovereign Lord.  God, in Jesus, becoming accountable for my sin and duly penalized on my behalf makes all presidential pardons worth only the paper they were penned on.  I'm sure it feels good to be pardoned by a president, but I can attest that it feels really good to be pardoned by the Universal President.



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