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Matthew 28:19 records our fundamental mission as Christians.    


"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,"


We should not understand the word "nations" in this verse in terms of Canada, the United States, New Zealand or any modern nation.  We should understand it in terms of a people with the same cultural background because that is the meaning of the Greek word "ethnos" that is translated as "nations" in this verse.  Jesus, therefore, commanded His apostles to make disciples for Himself from all ethnic peoples.  In obedience to Jesus, Christians did just that for the first three hundred years of Christian history.  Sadly, the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19 was corrupted and compromised in the fourth century with the arrival of Emperor Constantine onto the throne of the Roman Empire.


Constantine ruled the Roman Empire from 306 to 337 A D.  During a military campaign he claimed to have seen a cross in the sky, and, in a dream was told to massacre his enemy in the name of the Christian God.  After his conquest, he and his successors proceeded to Christianize the pagan Roman Empire .  Constantine ordained himself as bishop of both the state and church.  He decreed that all citizens are Christians, and, any military expansion of the empire would be conducted in the name of the Christian God.        


To help accommodate pagans into this new Christian empire, pagan practices were incorporated into Christian doctrine and church structure, something that has left its mark in today's church.  The government mandated Christianizing of the empire and the paganization of the church destroyed the meaning of New Testament Christianity.  In short, one was a Christian because he was a Roman citizen.  It's no different from those considering themselves Christian today because they live in what they claim to be a Christian nation.   


I believe that during the first three hundred years of church history Satan failed to kill the Christian Movement by ten major government sponsored periods of persecution.  His failure led him to change his focus from killing Christianity to popularizing it through unbiblical political means.  History has proven that when Christianity becomes cool, the church grows cold, something made clear in the Laodicean church, seen in Revelation 3:16.           


Jesus never commanded us to make a nation His disciple.  He commanded us to make disciples of those within a nation.  He laid down His life for people, not nations.  There is no Biblical support for the present trend to Christianize a nation through the political or legislative process.  There has only been one God-appointed theocracy, and that was the nation of Israel, and to date, Israel has failed to be that theocratic state. 


Biblical history, from Babel in Genesis 10 to the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21 teaches that all nations are Babylonian in nature.  All nations, none excluded, to one degree or another, oppose God.  History tells us that the present return to Constantinian Christianity that attempts to Christianize our Babylonian nations through political and legislative means will eventually do more harm than good for Christians.  We must, then, return to Biblical Christianity where our mission is to make disciples for Jesus from all Babylonian infected ethnicities through preaching the gospel.  Romans 1:16 states that it is the preaching of the gospel, not government, that demonstrates God's power to save a person unto Christian discipleship. 

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