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The Victory Of Grace


There are a variety of vantage points from where we can view the theological significances of the cross of Christ.   Jesus mentioned one of these theological vantage points in Luke 22:53.  While being arrested by armed soldiers He told them that "this is your hour - when darkness reigns."  This was a divine appointed time in human history when evil would rule the day.


The Apostle Paul pointed out an important New Testament principle in Romans 5:20 concerning sin and evil ruling the day.  He said that the Law of Moses tempted men and women to sin more than ever.  As it has been said; "Tell a person not to do wrong and he does wrong."  Paul then said that because of this increase of sin grace abounded more than sin.  The Greek word translated "abounded" (grace abounded) is a stronger word than the Greek word translated as "increased" (sin increased).  This principle is exactly what transpired when the hour of evil darkness reigned over the earth.  God, and it was His plan all along, turned sinful darkness into the most impressive demonstration of grace ever to be seen in history.  What appeared to be a victory for evil was in fact an overwhelming victory for the grace of God that was directed to all of mankind, including those who killed Jesus.  Little did the evil powers realize that they were tools in the hands of a gracious God.   


I love how David Crowder's song entitled "My Victory" puts this.    


"O your love bled for me. 

O your blood in crimson streams

O your death is hell's defeat. 

A cross meant to kill is my victory."   


To the visible eye Jesus appeared to have suffered a pathetic death at the hands of sinful evil, but that was not the case.  His death was the ultimate expression of the overflowing grace of God that has, and still does, explode its way into the lives of those who belong to Jesus.  It is called the victory of grace. 


Click this link to listen to "My Victory" by Crowder.     




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