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What Really Is Sexually Inappropriate?


Media outlets are exposing the inappropriate sexual advances made by certain men towards certain women in the workplace.  I certainly do not condone the behaviour of these men, but there is more to this issue than that, and it's not being recognized and reported.


Western culture's sense of morality was once influenced by the Bible.  We used to believe that God created two genders (Genesis 1:27) and that marriage was between one man and one woman for life (Genesis 2:24).  Any sexual deviation from heterosexual marriage was understood not only to be inappropriate, but sin.  Our culture has long since scrapped its Biblical influenced roots concerning sexuality and gender.  It is in blatant defiance of the Biblical norm.  Our governments have legalized Biblical immorality.  They have decriminalized sin.  They might well criminalize the promotion of Biblical moral values.           


All of this has blurred the distinction between what is morally right and what is morally wrong.  What is appropriate and what is inappropriate is in such a state of flux that we are culturally confused.  You might say society is sexually schizophrenic.  On one hand women tell men not to touch them inappropriately while on the other hand many women entice men by dressing, or should I say undressing, in sexually explicit clothing that was once considered morally inappropriate, but there's more.           


Western culture appears to be reverting to a past paganism where all kinds of sexual perversions were front and centre in society, which included male and female temple prostitutes as part of religious worship.  Our pride parades differ little from mass sexual orgies found in the public square of many Roman cities 2000 years ago.  Will we follow the Greco-Roman world of old and adopt pedophilia as normal sexual practice?  You may think that's utterly ridiculous, but when standards of morality are left to individual depraved sinfulness, history can easily repeat itself. 


Adulterous relationships are commonplace in our throw away world, many of which are initiated by mutual and welcomed flirting in the workplace.  Throw away your coffee cup.  Throw away your outdated cell phone.  Throw away your wife.  Throw away your husband.  It's all disposable in a world where the marriage bed is seen as a relic from a perceived past Dark Age. 


Our highly sexualized environment has made sex an effective advertising tool.  Apparently sex does sell.  Who would not want to purchase a sexy looking car?  It's clear that sexual inappropriateness extends far beyond the workplace.        


Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being sexual like any other healthy guy, but I enjoy it with my God-given wife whom I love.  If it's our culture's intention to clean up the workplace, let's go all the way and clean up our culture.  If we don't clean it up ourselves Scripture tells us that God will, and if He does, it will neither look pretty or sexy.  History proves that when God scrubs a culture clean there is often no culture left in which to act inappropriately. 


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