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The Ultimate Christmas Blessing  


John 1:1 to 3 gives us a slight glimpse of Jesus prior to His birth into humanity.  John states that in the beginning, which refers to Genesis 1, Jesus was with God, was God, and was the eternal Word that spoke creation into existence.  What Jesus' state of being looked like prior to being conceived by the Holy Spirit within Mary's womb is difficult, maybe impossible, for us to comprehend.  When John said that the Word (logos in Greek) was with God and was God, this implies a unity within the totality of whom God is that defies human reasoning.  Whatever this unity looked like, we should know that once Jesus entered humanity He left His prior state of being; never to return to its exact form again.  That's the love of God.   


The Apostle Paul alluded to this in Colossians 1:15 when he said that Jesus is the first born from the dead.  That means when Jesus rose from the dead and ascended back into heaven with what Christians call an eternal glorified body, He did not return to heaven in the exact same form He once was.  Maybe you have never thought about this before but Jesus re-entered heaven with a newly created appearance that had never existed before.  The invisible Word of God became visible.  In other words, although the essence of who Jesus is never changes, His state of being, His appearance, His form, or however you want to say it, was eternally altered, and it was altered just for you and just for me.  That's the love God.    


For those of us who have given ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, we will follow Him into eternity.  We will be like Him in His eternal glorified human state of being (1 John 3:2) because He is the first born from the dead.  This is the ultimate blessing of Christmas. 

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