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Are You A Disciple Of Jesus?


After Jesus announced that all authority in heaven and on earth had been given to Him (Matthew 28:18 - 19) He told His disciples to "go and make disciples of all nations."  If you are a Christian today, it is because those to whom Jesus spoke on this occasion obeyed His command, and it was a command, not a suggestion.    


Our English word "disciple" is translated from the Greek word "mathetes."  Inherent in the meaning of this Greek word is the continual mental process of learning from another which enables a person to become what he learns.  A disciple of Jesus is, therefore, one who is continually learning from Jesus in order to become what he is learning.  


Jesus told His disciples to go and make disciples.  The Greek word translated into English as "to go" is a participle.  A participle is a half verb and half noun.  It implies both doing an action and one who does an action.  Speaking in terms of a participle; a disciple of Jesus is "a goer" or a "going one."  The action of going is not only something a disciple does, it is who he is as a born again of the Holy Spirit disciple of Jesus.


A disciple of Jesus is not one who learns how to get saved and then quits learning.  A disciple of Jesus is always learning from Jesus and is always becoming what he learns.  With this understanding; are you a disciple of Jesus?     


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