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Praying Against God


In Joel chapter 1 we read about locust infestations that devastated much of Israel.  I understand these locust invasions to represent enemy armies who attack Israel.  Even though these armies were enemies of God's people, Joel 2:11 and 25 describe them as being God's armies, and why?  They were instrumental in accomplishing God's will in judgment on the obstinate nation of Israel.   


If you were a praying Jew in Israel when one of these armies attacked your nation, how might you have prayed?  I imagine that you might have asked God to deliver your nation from its enemy.  That would seem a natural prayer to pray, but would it be the correct prayer to pray in that particular instance?


If you were a Jew praying for deliverance, you would have been praying against God's will because it was His will for these armies to attack your nation.  These attacks were meant to bring your people to their knees in repentance.  For this reason Israelis should have prayed prayers of serious repentance, not prayers for deliverance.  Deliverance would come, but not until repentance was realized in the lives of you and your Jewish friends.         


There is a lesson to be learned here.  Some of the negative things that come our way as Christians are actually God's way to teach us something.  If we pray against them, we pray against God and we fail to benefit from His will.  Before we pray for deliverance from difficulties we should seek to know God's will.  That's not always an easy task, but if we can pray intelligently based on God's will, we will be the better for it.  I'm sure you would agree with me that praying against God's will is not a good idea.  


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