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The Revival Of Orthodox Judaism


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documented the recent rise of Orthodox Judaism in Israel.  According to the documentary secular Jews are becoming progressively concerned, even angered, over Orthodox Judaism's inroads into modern secular Israeli culture and politics.  This trend towards orthodoxy in Israel excites many Christians who believe Israel still has prophetic and historic significance.  I certainly believe that Israel still has prophetic and historic significance.  I can also understand the excitement among certain Christians about this trend to orthodoxy, but there is something that is often overlooked in the midst of the excitement. 


In a Christian Biblical sense, present day Orthodox Judaism is still an apostate religion, no different than the Judaism that sent its Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, to His death.  It's the Judaism that Jesus shed many tears over (Luke 13:34) and blasted its leaders for their hypocrisy (Luke 12:56). A return to Jewish orthodoxy may have some significance when it comes to Biblical end time prophecy but it's not what brings ultimate salvation and full restoration to Israel.    


It is God Almighty, and Him alone, who will restore Israel to its original calling.  Zechariah 12:10 predicts the day when God, not orthodoxy, will pour out a spirit of grace and earnest prayer of repentance on Jews in Israel.  It's these Jews who I believe are the saved remnant of Israel (Romans 11:29) who will have survived the Great Tribulation.  Zechariah goes on to say that these Jews will look upon Him whom they have pierced and mourn for Him as one mourns for an only child.  This predicts the day when the Jews living in Israel will repent and recognize the Lord Jesus Christ to be their Saviour.  It is this outpouring of grace that brings salvation to Israel.


Ezekiel 36:22 to 32 states why God will pour out this spirit of grace on the Jews.  "It is not for your sake, O house of Israel, that I am going to do these things, but for the sake of my holy name For I will take you out of the nations.  I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land You will live in the land I gave your forefathers."  


God alone will restore Israel to its original calling, not because it deserves it, but to protect His holy name.  Breaking the promises He spoke to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and Israel of old would discredit and defame God's holy name.  You can be assured that God will not break this or any other promise.   


Psalm 132 :11 says, "The Lord swore an oath to David, a sure oath He will not revoke.  One of your own descendents I will place on your throne."  The Apostle Paul also maintained that God will not revoke a promise, including those He promised concerning Israel's blessed future (Romans 11:29).


The restoration of Israel to its land, to its nationhood, and to its God, has little to do with an Orthodox Jewish revival.  It has everything to do with God keeping His promises, protecting His holy name, and, the return of Jesus to our planet as the Jewish Messiah and Lord over the nations.

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