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Messing Up The Sexes


As a youth I recall my parents saying that they could hardly tell the difference between a man and a woman any more.  Apparently, because of long haired men like me, they had difficulty distinguishing between the sexes.  For me, however, even with my poor eyesight I had no such problem.  As long as I was close enough to a girl, I knew she was a girl.  Things have changed since then.  The outward appearance of a person is no longer a reliable indicator of that person's gender, or so they say. 

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has reported that airline companies in Canada are in a predicament.  When needing to perform a body search men normally search men and women normally search women.  Things have now become complicated.  For example, when a male airline employee sees what he perceives to be a woman he can no longer be certain that person is really a woman.  Maybe the person is a man in a woman's body.  Who then, should perform the search, a woman or a man? 


Complicating issues further is that there are some men who claim to live in a woman's body and some women who claim to live in a man's body who have not come out and made that known.   How then can an airline employee really know the true gender of a person if the person hasn't made it known?  If a male employee searches a person who looks like a traditional man but secretly claims to be a woman in a man's body, the so-called woman in a man's body may be deeply offended when being body searched by a man.  I'm sure you can understand the present predicament.  


Genesis 1:27 states that God created man and woman, not man, woman, and someone else.  I sincerely doubt that when Adam gazed upon Eve's beautifully, God crafted, naked body that he questioned if she was a legitimate woman.  I think every fibre of his being screamed out in acknowledgment that she was indeed a real woman.  Of course, the moment Eve clothed herself with fig leaves was the moment Adam's fiery feelings of ecstasy were suddenly extinguished.  In the twinkling of an eye, an unimaginable depression smothered the life out of him.  This began the satanic inspired attack on the sexes that has been inflicting humanity in one form or another ever since, the latest of which is the messing up of the sexes. 


Adding to all the confusion is the biotechnology industry that is fusing technology with the human body.  Supposedly, by the year 2030 many of us will have miniature robots swimming around in our blood stream that will fend off diseases.  Similar miniature robots will be implanted into our brains that will alleviate memory loss and stimulate normal bodily functions disabled by disease.  Then, there is the recent report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that documents the first human/animal embryo that has been manufactured in a lab.  Mankind is ready to create a brand new gender or species that is half human and half animal. 


All this is meant to improve our quality of life, but it's messing up what God has created, which by the way, satan also interfered with by deceiving Eve into thinking she could be like God (Genesis 3:5).  Satan is doing the same today by deceiving us into thinking we can become like God by creating our own brand of humans.     


Each true disciple of Jesus is a brand new creation in Christ as the Apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:17.  I, therefore, am not the person I was at birth.  As strange as it sounds, I have been born twice (John 3:5).  Due to my second birth, the Spirit of God, not a robot, has been implanted within me.  In one Biblical sense of the word, this makes me a distinct person, as different from others as a traditional man is from a traditional woman.  So being a bit sarcastic, don't you think I, and you too, deserve our own Christian designated bathrooms?  Shouldn't one of our own kind perform our body searches?  Should we not have legislative and legal status that guarantees our civil liberties as born twice in Christ people?  Don't you think there is some kind of, albeit counter-cultural, logic for these suggestions? 


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