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My favourite popular song from the 1980's is "In The Living Years" by Mike and the Mechanics.  The song tells the story of a son lamenting over the death of his father.  He is saddened beyond measure because he failed to make things right with his dad.  He made no effort to take the time to listen to the most important man in his life. 


There is one phrase in this song that is simply profound.  "You can listen as well as you can hear."  These words express, at least in part, the sentiment found in James 1:19.  "Be swift to hear and slow to speak," something that is foreign to our human nature.  Our propensity to be swift to speak and slow to listen is why the son in this song became so disheartened after the passing of his father.       


Unless you are deaf, you can hear, and if you can hear, you can certainly listen.  Listening requires turning off your devices, shutting your mouth, opening your mind, and offering your undivided attention.  It's a fundamental necessity in building healthy human relationships.  It's foundational in the process of learning.  Refusing to listen not only inhibits the growth of healthy relationships; it impedes the ability to learn the important lessons of life.  It leads to destructive self-indulgence where opportunity to listen is lost. 


Take a moment to listen to "In The Living Years."  Read James 1:19, and as you do, listen to what the Holy Spirit says to you. 


Click here to listen to the song.   


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