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Dianne Became My Wife 


It was mid March 1994 when listening to the morning news I heard that according to Statistics Canada a man living in eastern Canada had a better chance of finding a wife than a man living in western Canada.  As was my routine, I left home that evening and headed off to our weekly Bible study. 


Since there were a number of single men and women at the Bible study I stood at the podium and repeated what I heard on the morning news.  "A man living in eastern Canada had a better chance of finding a wife than a man living in western Canada.  After a few chuckles from those in attendance I returned to my seat.


Our pastor asked a new-comer to our gathering, who just happened to be sitting right in front of me, to introduce herself.  "I'm Dianne Bradley," and as she turned to look directly at me she said, "And I'm from eastern Canada."   I was stunned.  Being at a lost for words I replied, "O no, what does that mean?"  I admit it; the lady from eastern Canada dominated my thoughts more than the Bible that evening.   


A friend drove our new-comer to the meeting that evening and so she asked me if I would like a ride home.  I would have normally walked home but knowing the lady from eastern Canada would be in the car I felt compelled to accept the ride. 


Leaving the bright lights of the building into the darkened evening parking lot I turned the corner a bit too soon and walked right into a wall. 


"Are you blind or something," the lady from eastern Canada said in a joking fashion.


"As a matter of fact I am legally blind," I light-heartedly replied.


I later learned that my new found friend felt totally embarrassed when she learned that I was legally blind, but, because of my light-hearted response her embarrassment soon dissipated. 


The drive home was way too short for me.  It only took a couple of minutes.  That was one time in my life I would have preferred living farther from our Bible study, but what could I do?  I was driven home and home I was.  Not knowing if I'd ever see her again I said my goodbyes and headed to the front door of my house. 


I may have left the lady from eastern Canada in the car but she didn't leave my thoughts.  I could hardly sleep that night, and for good reason.  On October 4th, of that very year, 1994, I asked the lady from eastern Canada to be my wife.  Without hesitation she agreed and on May 13, 1995, Dianne Bradley became Dianne Sweetman.                      

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