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Magnificent Defeat


I borrow the theme and the title to this article from one of my favourite Christian songs from the 1990's.  Wes King's "Magnificent Defeat" was recorded on his 1997 "A Room Full Of Stories" album.  


Imagine yourself a disciple of Jesus standing before the cross.  You're sickened to see His decrepit bloodied body, but it was what Isaiah 52:14 predicted when it said that Jesus' body would not be recognizable as being human.  Why it has to be this way is confusing to you.  The man you loved, cried with, laughed with, trusted, and believed to be your nation's Messiah has just died a pathetic death.  The authorities killed Him as if he was a petty thief.  Stricken with grief, fear, and unbelief, depression deadens your now saddened soul.  You walk away in disappointing defeat.  What you fail to realize is that this apparent defeat is the ultimate universal victory.  It's a "magnificent defeat."


You soon understand Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, and other prophetic passages, had been predicting Jesus' death all along.  You recall Isaiah 53:10.  It was God's will to crush Jesus, cause Him to suffer, and make His life to be an offering for sin.  From the cradle to the cross, His earthly existence was a sacrificial offering unto God, and all for you.  He lived the righteous life on your behalf and died a sinner's death on your behalf.      


It was God's will that Jesus would become sin while on the cross as you'd later learn from the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:21.  Jesus' body was so riddled with humanity's sin that He became unrecognizable.  Isaiah 52:14 predicted it right after all.  Your grief, fear, and depression is now being replaced by joyous thanksgiving.  It's difficult for you to understand the totality of it all, but the cross of Christ has changed your life, and has done so forever.  What appeared to be a dreadful defeat was the ultimate universal victory.  It was one magnificent defeat, but there's another defeat to be realized, and it concerns you.  As Jesus carried His cross to His death, in similar fashion, you decide to take up your personal cross that brings you to the point of personal death.  Jesus gave His life for you.  It's your turn to give your life for Him.  Jesus rose from death to serve you.  You rise from death to serve Jesus.  Your death to self is a magnificent defeat.


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