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Devilish Deception


It has been said that deception is the devil's weapon of choice.  Revelation 20:8 predicts the time when satan will be released from prison to deceive the nations one last time, something he has been doing since he deceived Eve (1 Timothy 2:14) in the Garden of Eden.


With the devil's deceptive ways in mind, the Apostle Peter told us to be alert and sober minded because the devil prowls like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour (1 Peter 3:8).  The words "sober minded" are translated from the Greek word "nepho," which means "to be free from intoxicating influences."  Eve was not sober minded when she was deceived by a satanic intoxication.


God commanded Adam not to eat from one specific tree and if he did eat from that tree he would certainly die (Genesis 2:17).  The Hebrew verb translated as "certainly die" is a very strong verb.  In other words, as soon as Adam bit into the forbidden fruit he would certainly, certainly, certainly, beyond any doubt, die. 


While in conversation with the devil, Eve reminded him that God told them that if they eat from that tree they would die (Genesis 3:3).  The Hebrew verb translated as "die" in Eve's statement is a very weak form of the strong Hebrew verb God spoke to Adam.  Unlike God's strong assertion that they would certainly, certainly, die, Eve just said they would die.  Eve devalued the Word of God by weakening its impact on their lives.    


Satan responded by telling Eve that God did not say they would certainly die (Genesis 3:4).   Unlike Eve, but like God, satan used the strong form of the Hebrew verb "to die."  Satan understood the certainly of death on humanity as he twisted God's command to suit his own purpose.   


My point is this.  Eve devalued the Word of God by weakening it, causing her to be intoxicated by satanic deception.  Understanding this is important.  As the end of this age draws closer satanic deception will come at us in various forms and from all directions.  Jesus warned us that in the last days there will be false miracle-working prophets who will deceive many (Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:6).  The Apostle Paul agreed.  He predicted the day when people will be deceived by believing a powerful delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11).  They will hire men who will teach them what they want to hear (2 Timothy 4:3).  Like it or not, satanic deception is an escalating reality. 


Deception comes in the form of false teaching, satanic inspired miracles, intoxicating influences from our anti-Christ culture, and more.  Peter was right.  We must be alert and sober minded.  Unlike Eve, we must value the Word of God.  It, along with the Holy Spirit and those to whom He has joined us in the Body of Christ will provide us with the ability to stand strong in the face of intoxicating satanic influences.  May you be one of the remnant of God's people who will stand strong against the coming onslaught of satanic deception.    


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