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Conspiracies, Mysteries, And More 


It seems to me that ever since the assassination of John F. Kennedy conspiracy theories and uncovering secret mysteries have captured the attention of our impressionable culture.  As we approach the end of this age I think we can expect people's fascination with such sensationalism to flourish, leading many to believe pretty much anything they hear, including the 2 Thessalonians 2:11 lie.


In part, conspiracy theorists build a case on speculation disguised as fact; employ computer manipulation and other seductive influences to promote their imaginative theories on the gullible.  Among other things, they claim man never walked on the moon; that the earth is really flat; and that 911 was orchestrated by the U.S. government.    


It's not just western culture that seems to have gravitated towards these things.  Western Christianity has had its share of conspiracies, mysteries, and prophecies.  While being in leadership in our local Full Gospel Christian Businessmen (F.G.C.B.M.) in the early 1970's a prophecy came from the top echelon that predicted the F.G.C.B.M. would usher in the return of Jesus to earth.  We were all excited.  The F.G.C.B.M. has since faded from the ecclesiastical landscape and Jesus has yet to return. 


During the 1990's prophecies predicted one massive end time revival would sweep across North America prior to the year 2000, a year that many prophets said had prophetic significance.  I recall walking in a Jesus March that paraded its way down the main street of our city preparing the way for this revival that never happened.  


Y2K prophets predicted a world wide catastrophe as our clocks turned over to January 1, 2000.  I purchased a generator so we could survive the disaster that never hit the planet.  


The hidden codes of the Bible generated enthusiasm in the 1990's.  Even though these codes could not be verified by the general Christian public, many believers were captivated with these mysterious secret codes hidden beneath the pages of their Bibles.  Since then we've had numerous Biblical secrets uncovered.   


Since becoming a serious student of the Bible in 1970 I've found many of these conspiracies, mysterious Bible secrets, and prophecies suspect and unsettling.  I've seen how they have lured believers away from the plain truth of Scripture.  What ever happened to testing the spirits and not believing everything we hear (1 John 4:1)?  Whatever happened to judging the prophets (1 Corinthians 14:29)?  Have we forgotten Jesus' warning of false end time prophets (Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22)?  Are we ignoring a sound hermeneutical study of the authoritative Word of God that keeps us on the straight path, or are we falling to a secular style sensationalism?             


I believe in watching and praying about the signs that mark the end of this age as Jesus commanded (Luke 21:36).  I also believe that part of the process of watching and praying includes Biblical based discernment.  For me, I prefer to devote myself to the clear Word of Scripture.  I am open minded, but I've fenced my open mind in with the screen of Scripture that filters all I hear.      


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