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Animals And God


Do animals have some kind of relationship with God?   Does God communicate with animals?  Can animals hear God's voice?  What does the Bible say about this?   

Like humans, God breathed the breath of life into animals (Genesis 1:30, 7:15).  This tells me that there is something of God in animals and if there is something of God in animals then God and animals must have some kind of way to relate to one another.     

How did the animals know to find their way to Noah's arc?  Either God or Noah must have told them.  Somehow I believe it was God. 

Romans 8:20 states that all of creation, that would include animals, eagerly anticipates the day of their restoration.  Animals must have some inherent ability to anticipate.        

Genesis 9:5 states that God demands an accounting from every animal who takes the life of a human.  This must mean that animals and God have some kind of relationship with God.      

In Genesis 9:8 to 10 God promised mankind and creation, including animals, that He would never flood the earth again.  No wonder animals anticipate full restoration of all things as seen in Romans 8:20.  

In Joel 1:20 we read that animals pant after God.  If that is the case, animals know God exists.

In Joel 2:22 God tells animals not to fear.  If God speaks to animals then they must have some way in which they can hear and obey Him.

In Isaiah 43:20 we see that animals honour their God.  Obviously, animals are in touch with their Creator.

Revelation 5:13 states that at some future day every creature in heaven and on earth will sing praises to the Lord God.  Every creature on earth has to include animals, wouldn't you think? 

Do animals have some kind of relationship with God?  I certainly think so.  That being so, the righteous care for the needs of their animals (Proverbs 12:10).      


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