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After The Rush


I may have looked like a hippie in 1972, but I wasn't.  Hippies called me a Jesus freak.  On one occasion I and a friend spoke to a high school class about how we had given our lives to Jesus.  That's something we could never be allowed to do today.  In a question and answer session I was asked what I was high on. Apparently it looked like I was experiencing the rush from drugs, as the hippies put it.  In the vernacular of the day I answered by saying I was high on Jesus.  Unlike the Holy Spirit rush I was experiencing, hippies liked the intoxicating rush of sex, drugs, and alcohol.  Neil Young's 1970 song entitled "After The Goldrush" seemed to allude to this rush.  "They were flying Mother Nature's silver seed to a new home in the sun." 


While the hippies were feeling the rush from their psychedelic drug induced trips to the sun, I and many Charismatic Christians in the 1970's were flying high from the rush of the Holy Spirit.  We would race from one meeting to the next to experience another spiritual high.  For many, the latest spiritual high was what life was all about, but is that what life is all about? 


If you read the book of Acts you will see what the rush of the Spirit, or the outpouring of the Spirit as it calls it, is all about.  One hundred and twenty disciples of Jesus were blown away by the mighty wind of the Spirit in Acts 2, but it didn't end there.  They experienced it again in Acts 4, 8, 10, and beyond.  Like many Charismatics in the 1970's the first generation disciples experienced the outpouring of the Spirit over and over again.  Unlike many Charismatics in the 1970's the first generation disciples understood the outpouring of the Spirit to be more than a spiritual high.  The pouring out of the Spirit gave them the power to do the work of the Lord.  For them it was about the work, not the rush.    


Many Charismatics in the 1970's lost their fervour for Jesus.  The outpouring of the Spirit into their lives was wasted because they failed to understand what it was all about.  This should be a warning for those of us who desire another massive Holy Spirit revival.  It's not about us.  It's about Jesus.  It's not about how we feel.  It's about how Jesus feels.  It's not about an exciting meeting.  It's about the Holy Spirit's work in our lives.  It's certainly not about experiencing a rush.  It's definitely about receiving the power and authority to do the work of the Lord.   













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