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At the turn of the 20th century a group of Christian leaders gathered to draft papers on the fundamentals of the Christian faith that was later published in a book.  This was meant to fight the intrusion of liberalism into the church over the previous decades.  These Christian leaders became known as Fundamentalists because they stood for the fundamental beliefs of our Christian faith.  Most of the Evangelical world embraced this fundamentalist stance. 


In the 1970's I began to notice that the term Fundamentalist was taking on a negative connotation.  They were called 'Fighting Fundies'; a derogatory term to denote the unmovable stance they took on the basic truths of Scripture.  Now, in 2016, the term Fundamentalist has taken on an extreme negative connotation.  Fundamentalists are seen as being bigoted and intolerant, far removed from what the term fundamentalist once represented. 


Some statistics show that more than 60% of Americans who view themselves as Evangelicals no longer believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to God.  That flies in the face of the fundamental truths of Scripture.  Once you begin to ridicule the Fundamentalists and the truths they upheld, you soon depart from the fundamentals of Biblical Christianity.


I'm reminded of how angry Jesus was with the Laodicean community of believers (Revelation 3).  He was ready to vomit them out of His mouth because of their self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-promoting, and wealthy existence.  If you read the text carefully you will note that Jesus had no desire to save that community of believers.  His invitation was to individuals within the community to return to Him and dine.  History shows us that Jesus did in fact vomit that church out of His mouth.  I'd suggest that our so-called Evangelical church is standing on shaky grounds.  The call goes out to repent and return to the fundamentals of the faith; to the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, or else fall to the same fate at the Laodicean church.      

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