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The Prophecy Reappears

Mrs. Fisk now resides in heaven but while living on earth she was a prayer warrior who believed in the validity of the gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12.  Some of you will recall the prophetic word she spoke to me in 1992, but strangely enough her prophetic word has miraculously reappeared.     


You may remember that it was a Saturday evening in March of 1992 when Mrs. Fisk opened a box in her attic that had been shut tight since the late 1970's.  On top of everything in the box was my wedding invitation I had sent her in 1977.  To her surprise Jesus told her to put the invitation on her mantle and pray for Steve.  The request puzzled her but she did as she was told.


The next day after arriving home from a Sunday morning service I sat on our love seat where love was no longer found.  I sat speechless, numb, and void of all feelings and emotions.  I knew this day would come, and here it was, right after a church meeting.  A few sentences from her lips made it clear.  It was over.  In a quiet, subdued, emotionless but confident voice I replied, "You may leave our marriage but I will not leave our home." 


A few hours later in a Sunday evening service that my friend Jim seldom attended an elderly lady approached him.  "Are you Steve Sweetman 's friend?" she asked.  "I am," Jim replied.  "I'm Mrs. Fisk," she said.  Jim wasn't certain who Mrs. Fisk was but before he could gather his thoughts she proceeded to tell him that last evening she had found my wedding invitation hidden away in an old box in her attic.  "Jesus told me to put the invitation on my mantle and pray for Steve.  Is he okay?" she asked.  Amazed by the timing of this event Jim explained why Jesus asked her to pray for me.  The next day, on Monday, Jim shared with me his visit with Mrs. Fisk.  This was a timely miracle, but there's more.    


The following day, on Tuesday, in a saddened state of mind I sat alone on a bench in our local mall.  A faint voice from behind me asked, "Are you Steve Sweetman ?"  "Yes," I answered, not knowing whose voice I had heard.  "I'm Mrs. Fisk."  Her words struck a blow to my heart.  I had not seen her for at least 13 years and after what Jim told the day before, her presence was a miracle. 


In the hustle and bustle of the mall Mrs. Fisk shared how she found my wedding invitation and that Jesus asked her to pray for me.  She then spoke the word of the Lord.  "Steve, Jesus told me to tell you that you will always have shoes on your feet and a roof over your head."  Right there in the mall, the tears began to flow.  The timing of this prophecy was beyond amazing.    


My world was spiraling down into one potential loss after another.  I'm legally blind.  I walk everywhere.  I need shoes on my feet, and I need money to buy the shoes.  I also needed a miracle to keep the roof over my head.  Within the year Jesus provided the miracle in the form of a $33,000.00 gift.  For the record, 24 years later I'm still wearing shoes and I still have the same roof over my head, but there's more.     


Fast forward 24 years to December 2015.  I was not envisioning or anticipating any change in my life concerning church, but through a few timely, unexpected, and apparently Holy Spirit initiated turn of events, my wife who I had married in 1995, and I sat in a Sunday service that we had never attended.  Prior to the singing of the first song the lady ahead of us turned and asked me, "Are you Steve Sweetman ?"  "Yes" I replied.  "I'm Lynda, Mrs. Fisk's daughter," she said.  "Wow!" I thought.  Joy filled my heart as a flood of fond memories washed over me.  Lynda was uncertain how she might have recognized me.  We couldn't recall ever meeting each other. 


After the service I related to Lynda how her mom found my wedding invitation and the events leading to her speaking the word of the Lord to me.  She concluded that the only reason she could have possibly recognized me was from the picture on my wedding invitation that she must have seen while going through her mother's possessions after her death.  Once again I shed a couple tears as we embraced, but there's more.   


A couple of Sunday's later Lynda gave me a book of poetry her mom had written.  The next day I randomly turned to a page in the middle of the book.  I was shocked.  The very first word I read was the word "shoes".  Yes shoes, as in shoes on my feet.  The prophetic word had reappeared, along with a strong sense of the presence of Jesus, but there's more. 


Two days later I reopened Mrs. Fisk's book and read the first poem entitled "The Golden Days".  The first line reads, "The golden year is sixty five".  Can you believe it?  I'm in my 65th year.  The poem ends with, "There never was a greater time for your creative vibe, than all the special golden days, since you turned sixty five!"  


The timing of Mrs. Fisk finding my wedding invitation, Jesus telling her to pray for me, the finality of my marriage ending the next day, Jim meeting Mrs. Fisk in the evening, me meeting her on Tuesday, and now 24 years later me meeting Lynda and reading her mom's book is miraculous.  The prophetic word Mrs. Fisk spoke to me was exactly what I needed at that precise moment and appears to be what I need at this present moment.  The fact that she had not seen me for at least 13 years and had no clue how or when she would ever see me again, but did, was a miracle.  Jesus asking Mrs. Fisk to pray for me  when He knew my situation demonstrates the importance of prayer in implementing God's plans.  Maneuvering people and events through multiple circumstances, 24 years apart is incredible. The prophetic word from the lips of a prayer warrior is still impacting my life decades later.  I can't help but wonder that this might not be the end of the story.   


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