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Clearing Up An Historic Fallacy - The Crusades


The so-called Christian holy wars (the Crusades) of the eleventh and twelfth century were defensive wars.  After Muslim sacked about two thirds of the culturally Christians world (not Biblically Christian world) the culturally Christian armies began to protect their interests by invading the Middle East to recover territories taken by Muslim armies. 


We should understand that the concept of a holy war rose out of the fourth century Christian teaching of a just war.  It was Augustine who developed and promoted the concept of a just war.  A just war morphed into a holy war within the context of a paganized Christianity that began to take root in the fourth century and was cemented into the culture within a couple of centuries. 


When the culturally, not Biblically, Christians took the symbol of the cross and turned it into a sword, they were abusing the very essence of what the cross meant.  We must understand this to be a desecration of a symbol that represents the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.   


In short, the holy wars were not holy and were not Christian in the true Biblical sense, but, neither were those wars offensive in nature.  They were defensive propagated by an unholy Catholicism.             



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