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Childish Politicians
 "An Act Of Divine Judgment"


Isaiah 3:9 and 16 list two of many reasons why God causes a culture to fall.  Both appear in today's western world.  "The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom ; they do not hide it" (verse 9).  Every year multitudes of people parade the sins of Sodom in pride parades. "The women of Zion are haughty, walking along with outstretched necks, flirting with their eyes, strutting along with their swaying hips" (verse 16).  Rising in popularity are the annual slut walks.  Provocatively dressed women strut their stuff, or as Isaiah put it, "strutting along with swaying hips," in defiance of what they say is an outdated morality.  They no longer "hide their sin," as Isaiah said. "Woe to them, they have brought destruction upon themselves" (Isaiah 3:9) in what the Bible calls God's judgment.             


Isaiah 3 lists some characteristics of what a culture under God's judgment looks like.  They are: economic disaster (verse 1), ineffective military and judicial systems (verse 2 - 3), loss of skilled workers (verse 3), civil disorder (verse 5), oppressive youth (verse 12), leaders who mislead (verse 12), women who rule (verse 12), and, bodily sores (verse 17).  Then there's this one.  "I will make mere youth their officials; children will rule over them" (verse 4).    


Further to this, the Apostle Paul clarified how the process of judgment works when he said that God will hand a culture over to its sins (Romans 1:24).  The specific sin he noted is the sin of Sodom that we see in Isaiah 3:9.  Then, when a culture refuses to keep the knowledge of God in its cultural consensus, God steps back from that culture (verse 28).  He withholds His blessings.  This results in the following cultural characteristics.  The people become depraved, evil, envious, greedy, faithless, heartless, slanderous, God haters, senseless, ruthless, disobedient to parents, arrogant, inventors of evil, and without fidelity, love and mercy (verses 28 - 31). 


The public display of immorality seen in Isaiah 3:9 and16 and the cultural characteristics of a God forsaken people seen in Romans 1:28 to 31 are evident in our western world.  Once a culture's sins are cemented into its identity, people in the culture don't just commit sin, they approve of those who sin (Romans 8:32).  Our politicians are approving of those who sin by legislating their immorality into the law of the land; same sex marriage being a prime example.


From my conservative Christian Biblical perspective, I believe God is handing our western world over to our sins.  It is for this reason our politicians are exhibiting the childish characteristics stated in Isaiah 3:4.  Even if a quality leader could be found, when asked to "take charge of this heap of ruins" (Isaiah 3:6), he will answer, "I have no remedy" (Isaiah 3:7).  This is the sad state of political affairs in which we presently live in much of the western world. 


I realize talk of divine judgment is unpopular in much of Christendom these days, but, if you ignore it, you ignore much of the Bible.  Worst still, you are unprepared for the future.  When politicians legislate "evil to be good and good to be evil" (Isaiah 5:20) you should expect God's blessings to be withdrawn from the culture as He hands it over to its sins in an act of divine judgment.  That culture has brought destruction upon itself (Isaiah 3:9).


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