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Undoing Babel

'western immigration policies'


If you're interested in understanding the Israeli Palestinian conflict from a moderate Muslim's perspective I suggest you read "Our Last Best Chance" by Jordan's King Abdullah.  Abdullah is a moderate, westernized, Muslim, who was educated from a child in America and England.  He and his father, the former King of Jordan, have had next to free access to the White House over the last five decades.  Ironically, just minutes before the airplanes flew into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001; Abdullah was given permission to land his jet in America on route to Washington to reignite stalled Israeli Palestinian peace talks.  I found his book informative, fascinating, but from my Christian vantage point, frustrating at times.    


Although King Abdullah is a friend of the United States, he blames America for the present Israeli Palestinian conflict and the rise of terrorism throughout the world.  He maintains that the U. S. is the only nation that can pressure  Israel to end Jewish immigration into what he calls Palestine.  Abdullah insists that the influx of Jews into the Arab Middle East is the reason for much of the conflict in the region.  He also claims that the root cause of this conflict does not stem from the bad blood between Abraham's sons Isaac and Ishmael, as many Christians believe.  He believes the root cause stems from England's support for Jewish immigration to Palestine during the late 1800's and early 1900's.      


When I think of ethnic conflicts, I think of Nimrod, the first recorded tribal leader to aspire to be king of a global empire as seen in Genesis 10 and 11.  He built the famous Tower at Babel, which by the way, wasn't what got God upset, as I believe the text implies.  It was man's aspiration for global supremacy that bothered God.  So, God scattered man across the face of the earth and disrupted his communications with the creation of many confusing languages which in effect divided, or helped divide, man into various ethnic peoples.  In response, man has systematically tried to undo God's will as seen at Babel. 


One way we've undone Babel is the spread and acceptance of the English language across the globe that has made for easier communication.  Technical advancements in transportation, computers, the internet, communication devises, and more, have torn down ethnic walls.  Our nationalized multi-cultural doctrine of tolerance has also undone Babel in many respects.


In association with multi-culturalism are

western immigration policies that have allowed the free exchange of ethnic peoples from one nation to another.  Especially in the west, nations are no longer based on one ethnicity, but on every ethnic peoples you can think of.  You can visit downtown Toronto on any given day and see all ethnic peoples functioning together in fine fashion.  Nimrod would have loved Toronto.  He would have been in awe of the CN Tower that rises above Toronto's skyline, and until recently, was the tallest free standing structure in the world.      


You might ask, "What's wrong with our immigration policies?"  On the surface there appears to be nothing wrong with them, especially when many of these policies are based on compassion for the less fortunate.  Again, if you think about it, these policies, along with modern advancements in technology, do unscatter what God scattered at Babel.  So what, if anything, can or should be done about this?


Nothing can or will be done about this.  Humanity is trapped in its own fallen and sinful nature.  Even when we attempt to do good as seen in compassionate based immigration policies, we undo Babel.  In other words, we're damned if we keep these policies and we're damned if we don't keep them. 


I find God's immigration policies as seen in the Law of Moses interesting.  When the Jews conquered Canaan as they were commanded, those living in Canaan, as the NIV puts it, were called "native born" while those relocating to Canaan were called "foreigners" (Exodus 12:49 and elsewhere in the NIV).  The Law provided social and financial protection for the native born and the foreigner as seen in Numbers 15 and elsewhere.  Leviticus 19:34 commanded Israel to love foreigners, even though they were Israel's enemies.  That being said, the Law of Moses demanded that the native born and foreigner obey the Jewish God, keep His commands, and forsake their paganism (Exodus 12:49, Leviticus 24:22, Numbers 15:29 and elsewhere).  Now that's an interesting multi-cultural concept. 


From my Futurist view of prophecy,
the final undoing of Babel will be seen when the anti-Christ creates Nimrod's dream empire, or as George H. W. Bush put it, "a new world order".  The Babel of Genesis 11 will find its ultimate expression in the fallen Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18.  This final empire will be seen as being compassionate and the only solution to our ethnic conflicts, especially the Arab Israeli conflict.  In the end, however, man's undoing of Babel will be undone by God's undoing of Babylon.  During the thousand year rule of Christ, as well as on the new earth, there will be nations (Revelation 21:22 - 27) which I believe will have ethnic distinctiveness.  All conflict will end when the Kingdom of God's immigration policies rule the day.   


I realize what I'm saying is so culturally and religiously foreign to most of us that it sounds heretical.  I admit that there may be more to this issue than what I've considered, but, what I have considered might well be worth your consideration.    



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