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Time Heals Nothing


The following has been on my mind for months and since the topic recently arose on Facebook, I'm writing about it now.       


People often say that time heals everything.  "Just give it time and it will be okay", they say.  Is that true?  Does time heal?  Let's take the pain from a broken relationship as one example of something time might heal.  Some people medicate pain with drugs, sex, alcohol, work, or whatever.  Others hope the passing of time will evaporate the pain into thin air. 


I'm a realist.  Many broken relationships will never be restored.  Without both parties acknowledging the reason for the break, confessing, repenting, and extending forgiveness, which many refuse to do, there is no reconciliation.  One person, including a Christian,  can't restore a relationship, but, one person can deal with the pain without leaving it to chance, hoping time will blow it away.   


I suggest that if you hand your pain over to time you're simply shoving it under the proverbial carpet.  What's shoved under the carpet will sooner or later explode from beneath when stepped on.  Be assured, it will be stepped on, and when it is, the whole unsetting painful mess will explode in volcanic fashion.    


From a Biblical perspective, if time heals everything, Jesus went to the cross for nothing.  God has all the time in the universe.  He could have waited for the passing of time to repair the painful breach between Himself and humanity.  Eventually, time would make things better and we'd all live happily ever-after.  Of course, God did not relinquish His responsibility to time.  He, and He alone, dealt with the painful mess.    


God throws nothing to the wind.  He leaves nothing to chance.  He is determined and what He determines He will accomplish.  He, not time or anything else, is in control.  Being just, and knowing that justice demands accountability, He implemented His plan by making Jesus accountable for our mess.  The Biblical fact is that God, as seen in the cross, deals with every situation head on, and so should we.  Burying our messes and our pain in the sands of time isn't an option.   


One day, after a long year of misery, I sat on my love forsaken love seat.  I was exhausted.  The pain was piercing my soul, and I wanted it to end.  So, in desperation I bluntly told Jesus that we had to get rid of this pain, and right now.  His response was immediate.  In Spirit form, Jesus sat beside me on my love forsaken love seat.  His presence was so real that I felt I could reach out and touch Him.  As the tears drenched my face from a flood of miserable memories, we relived the sad and sorry events for an hour or so.  When it was all said and done, the pain was gone; flushed from my system for good.  It has never returned.  Miraculously, I was free, able to stand and move on with my life. 


Jesus isn't some figment of my imagination.  He's not a fairytale carryover from my childhood.  He's not an historic teacher of morality with little relevant significance.  He's not a mythological figure found in the pages of a mythological book.  He is a real live personality.  He is the Creator and sustainer of every last molecule in both the spiritual and material universe.  He can, and will, enter your personal space, share your pain, and miraculously remove every spec of it from your life.  I'm glad I chose not to trust my pain to time. 


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