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The Demise Of Democracy


What you're about to read is a simplified statement on a complicated issue.  There's much more that could be said.  Some of you may disagree with what I write so I suggest you consider what I say as you think this complicated but relevant issue through for yourself. 


Despite man's best efforts at nation building, Daniel 2:21 states that it's ultimately God who causes nations to rise to prominence.  I thus conclude that God has raised our western democratic nations to international prominence.  That being said, and though some may differ, democracy is a product of fallen humanity.   


I think you'd agree that our western world democracies have been influenced by Biblical thought to one degree or another.  Some suggest that our individual democratic freedoms are rooted in Genesis 2:15 where God gave Adam the freedom of choice.  I appreciate our democratic freedoms, but these very freedoms might in part lead to the demise of democracy.  As with Adam, freedom to choose can easily lead to the wrong choice.


Religious freedom in the west has provided Christians the opportunity to follow through on the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19.  Without this freedom worldwide evangelization would have been stifled.  So, I also conclude that God had worldwide evangelization in mind when He caused our western democracies to rise to international prominence.   


Daniel 2:21 also states that God causes nations to fall.  The Bible shows us that a nation's fall can take place in a variety of ways, not the least of which is military conquest by its enemy.  On the other hand a nation can be overthrown by its enemy without a bomb being dropped or a missile being launched.   


Upon entering Canaan God commanded Israel not to make treaties, form alliances, or adopt the practices, of its pagan enemies.  Israel disobeyed.  God's disgust with Israel is seen in Malachi 2:11 (NIV).  "Judah has broken faith.  A detestable thing has been committed in Israel and in Jerusalem: Judah has desecrated the sanctuary the Lord loves by marrying the daughters of pagan gods."  Israel was meant to be God's sanctuary, His dwelling place among the nations, but Israel desecrated itself via their alliances with its pagan enemies.  In other words, why fight them when you can join them.  Therefore, God paid no attention to Israel, even though its citizens approached Him with tears, which the text implies were hypocritical tears (Malachi 2:13). 


Like Israel, the west was raised up to be a tool in the hands of God.  Also like Israel, the west has broken faith with God, has desecrated itself by embracing pagan practices, and has signed treaties and formed alliances with pagan nations.  Notice the photos below.  They symbolize what America is becoming.  The Empire State Building in New York City is lit up with an extravagant light show that pictures Kali, the Hindu goddess of death.  It's hard for me to imagine that a satanic symbol of death would light up a long standing American symbol of life, liberty, and freedom.       



The Great Commission commanded Christians to go on the offensive and make disciples of all nations.  Our democracies that once supported this offensive endeavor are now putting Christians on the defensive.  With legislation based on an unbiblical doctrine of selective tolerance Christians are having to defend themselves, their ideals, and their practices, before their government and in their courts of law. 


From my vantage point Islam is on the offensive within our western borders.  Muslim immigration into the west, their entrance into government, law, education, and other cultural concerns afforded them by our democratic freedoms have created the platform by which they can freely evangelize our western nations.  Our liberal immigration policies, and now, our compassionate acceptance of tens of thousands of Muslim refugees are aiding this Islamic missionary effort.  The very rights and freedoms that enabled Christian evangelization to flourish now enable Islamic evangelization to flourish.  The freedoms we've cherished are the freedoms that might well lead to the demise of democracy.     


Islamic evangelization is spurred on by the fact that Muslim families on average have 8 children per family while western families on average have 1.5 children per family.  You don't need a math degree to understand the future implications of that.  It thus appears to me that Islam is capable of overthrowing the west without a bomb being dropped or a missile being launched.   


Let me be clear.  I hold no hostility to any moderate (moderate really means liberal) Muslim who resides among us.  I could befriend him as easy as anyone else.  I would, however, proclaim to him that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God in order to free him from the oppression of Islam, which by the way, finds its roots in the Canaanite religions God told Israel to conquer.  


My heart goes out to the refugees I see on TV fleeing Syria, Iraq, and northern Africa.  They do need help.  Just know that as we welcome them into the west, Islam forbids them from becoming one of us.  Islam teaches them that they are a distinct society and as such should aspire to convert any culture in which they live.  


It's sad that conflicts in the  Middle East are driving Muslims from their homes.  There are many reasons for these conflicts, but through the west's short sighted, overly optimistic diplomatic liberal foreign policy decisions; we've failed to alleviate the conflict.  Although solving conflict diplomatically is preferable, it's next to impossible when the conflicted care little about diplomacy. 


The west would have done itself a favour if it would have learned the lessons from God's interaction with Israel of old, but we haven't.  We've made all the wrong choices Israel chose to make.  Therefore, Daniel 2:21 applies to us. 


Some say that God would never cause the west, especially America, to fall.  In response I say that if God caused His own people Israel to fall, He will certainly have no problem causing the west, including America, to fall.  I suggest that Christians prepare for the demise of democracy.  We'll have to learn how to survive in a culture undergoing the judgment of God.  Christians throughout the centuries have had to learn this lesson, and we're no more special than them.  Besides, we all anticipate the day when all nations will fall to the Kingdom of God , and for that we will rejoice.   




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