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Value Free Isn't Free

If the present provincial government of  Quebec, Canada, gets its way, all government facilities, including provincial offices, schools, and hospitals, will be value free zones.  This means that any religious value expressed in words, either spoken or written, or expressed in symbols, either displayed on a person or on a building, will be illegal.  This legislation is supported by 46% of Quebecers, making it a clear departure from Quebec's French Catholic heritage.


This value free philosophy has crept into much of our western culture.  It can be seen in a value free education system that has been implemented in many school districts in North America and in Europe.  It is said that if a child isn't indoctrinated into one particular value system then he is free to choose the value system that he feels best fits him without outside interference.  In response to that, I wonder how a child can choose between value systems when he's not educated in the various value systems available. 


This type of instruction isn't new.  Creationism isn't taught in schools because it's considered to be religious.  Evolution is taught because it's considered to be science.  It's interesting to note that in some scientific circles certain Biblical facts once considered fables are now deemed to be factual.  Besides this, evolution can be considered a matter of religion because it's based on the religious mindset of Atheism. 


Value free is a new name for an old Secular Humanistic concept that rejects all things religious, and in the west, rejects all things Christian.  It's seen every summer in the city of Toronto .  More money comes into the city because of pride week than any other event in Toronto 's economic calendar.  Of course, the climax of pride week is the pride parade.  Over the last few years Toronto district school boards have participated in the pride parade.  This past year a number of men pranced down the parade route naked.  Public nudity is illegal in Toronto , although no one was arrested for this offense.  A couple of school board trustees voiced their concern about children participating in an event where illegal public nudity is freely displayed.  Their concern has been largely ignored to date.  In the name of secular tolerance and human rights, certain sectors of society can freely and openly circumvent laws without reprisal, and this in the face of young impressionable children.  Is this value free?            


A value free philosophy has one huge problem.  It's a myth.  It's illogical to think that society can be value free when value free in its own right is a value system.  So what's really going on here is that we're simply exchanging one set of values for another.  Value free is not value neutral.      


Value free is a product of a Secular Humanism that espouses man's ability to create his own set of values apart from any religious influence.  Secular Humanists believe that man is inherently good.  Even though history suggests otherwise, Secular Humanism believes man has the ability to be morally and socially good without the assistance of a god, especially the Biblical God who is deemed to be oppressive.  I suggest that much of our western style freedom that we're presently losing is a result of the Judeo Christian value system that once influenced our culture, something Secular Humanists either don't understand or can't bring themselves to admit.          


All this reminds me of the Genesis account where I believe God's original intention for man was a blissful life free from knowing anything about good and evil.  I see this expressed in Genesis 2:16 17 where the NIV text reads, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden but "  Adam was created free in all respects; so free that he was given the choice between bliss and bondage.  We all know the rest of the story.  Adam's choice introduced good and evil into humanity, thus nullifying the concept of a value free society.  Value free is unattainable because we have two opposing and competing value systems in good and evil vying for preeminence.  It's either one value system or the other.  There is no middle ground of neutrality.  What's taking place in Quebec and elsewhere isn't value free.  It's replacing values once considered good with values once considered evil.  It's calling good evil and evil good, something Isaiah 5:20 states has severe social consequences. 


Secular Humanism is attempting to undo the consequences of Adam's free choice.  The Genesis account shows us that the first noticeable consequence of the introduction of good and evil into humanity is Adam and Eve's nakedness.  Adam and Eve were created naked.  I believe their naked bodies were meant to be a source of enjoyment for each other, but in one brief second enjoyment dissipated into depression.  What was once good suddenly became evil.  Secular Humanism is undoing the embarrassment and shame of nakedness apart from God by making it commonplace in the media, on the internet, in pride parades, and in the minds of many throughout our culture.    


Jesus introduced the word "free" into this conversation when He said, "you will know the truth and the truth shall make you free". (John 8:32)  His words have been misused, abused, and misinterpreted, from the moment they left His lips.  Jesus wasn't speaking of sexual freedom or any kind of cultural freedom.  He was speaking of freedom from sin, evil, and the consequences of Adam's free choice.  Jesus tells us that freedom from knowing good and evil will be realized in the next life by those who embrace His truth in this life.  It's this truth that flies in the face of Secular Humanism and its value free fable.    


Let it be known that value free is not value neutral, and it's far from free.  It comes with a price.  When the state mandates values, the individual looses his freedom to express his values. 



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