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The Real Palestinians


The Roman emperor Hadrian built a temple to the god Jupiter on the former site of the Jewish Temple that was leveled to the ground in 70 A D by the Roman army.  As a result, the Jews revolted and Hadrian attacked the then known province of Judea in 135 A D.  This is known as the second attack on Judea by Rome; the first being in 70 A D.  It is said that Hadrian's army killed 580,000 Jews.


Subsequent to this attack Hadrian renamed the province of Judea to Palestine.  The word "Palestine" is derived from the word "Philistine".  The Philistines were Israel's long standing enemies for centuries.  Hadrian's naming the Jewish homeland after their arch-enemy was an intentional slap in the face of the Jews.   


The name Palestine was unknown to this region of the world prior to Hadrian naming it.  The name Palestine was originally designated for Jews and about Jews.  Therefore, the Jews are the original and true Palestinians, not Arabs.  Modern day revisionists have stolen the name from the Jews and have applied it to Arabs.    





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