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Animals In Heaven


Revelation 5:13 says that every creature in heaven, on the earth, under the earth, and in the sea worship the Lord.  The Greek word translated as "creature" into English is "ktisma'.  This simply means "created thing".   Therefore, every thing that God created is worshipping in heaven according to this verse.  This would include animals.  If we are to take this verse literally, it would also include other parts of God's creation apart from human and animal life.     


We should note that the word creature is often used in Revelation in connection with the four living creatures in heaven.  Every created thing would obviously include these four living creatures, but it's clear that they are not the only created thing being spoken of here in Revelation 5:13.


I think this verse pretty plainly speaks of animals worshipping the Lord along with all other created things.  Does this mean there are animals, or, the souls of animals in heaven?  For further information about the souls of animals you can read my article entitled "Do Animals Have Souls"?


The setting for Revelation 5 is clearly in heaven.  I could be wrong, but it thus appears to me that there are at least the souls of animals in heaven who are worshipping the Lord here. 


At the end of the book of Revelation we see the new earth.  I strongly believe there will be animals on the new earth, and, if they worship in heaven, I'm sure in their own way they will worship the Lord on the new earth.


I can't say how animals worship.  Jesus alluded to the fact that stones could possibly cry out in worship to God in Luke 19:40.  If stones could to this, I'm sure animals can as well.         



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