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Israel's Tragedy - 1917 to 1948


During the later half of the 1800's Jews were beginning to return to their long lost homeland in the Middle East . 


In 1917 the Belfour Declaration was passed by the parliament of England in support of a homeland for the Jews.  On January 4, 1919, the Belfour Declaration was formally signed on to and approved by representatives of both Jews and Arabs. 


The League of Nations, (the forerunner to the United Nations) codified and approved the boundaries of the new state of Israel in 1924.  Once Jewish population could support a new nation, the new state of Israel would be born with the promised set boundaries.  Until then, England was given responsibility over much of the Middle East which included the land designated for Israel.


To make a long story short, Great Britain gave roughly 75% (30,000 square miles out of 38,000 square miles) of the land designated for Israel by the League of Nations to Arabs.  The tragic injustice here is that Israelis only received 25% of the land promised to them.  Worst still, within hours of Israel becoming a nation with 75% less land than was promised, she was attacked by the Arabs.  Even more worst still, the nations of the world today wants Israel to give up even more land.


Today's sad post-modern mentality that ignores the details of history has convinced the world that Israel is the oppressor.  History proves differently. 




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